Sunday, 18 April 2010

Weeeeeekkkeeennnddd !

It was a Saturday night like the old days.

The wedding was shite by the way.
I have no idea why i went really, i hate them at the best of times.

Anyways it was interesting to see all the fellas from last week sober and with their wives and girlfriends. Women really are spoilsports. It was like seeing little kids with their strict mums.
For some reason women like to belittle men to bring them into line. "stop showing off" is one fun killer and there where others. Some of the bitches could do it with a look. Sad. It's a terrible thing to say, but i either love women or hate them. Most of the ones i saw yesterday fell into the Hate catagory.

It was a Catholic Wedding as well, so it went on forever. Afterwards it was on to a reception in a working mens club that looked like something from the 80s and after the buffet we slipped out the back way and escaped to Daniels to lose the suits and get dressed into something a bit more appropriate for Manchester on Saturday night. Weather was fantastic all day so lots of loose clothing and T shirts ;-)

It's never a good idea to have a couple of drinks in the afternoon and then take a break before going out at night. You sort of sober up a bit and i felt really tired before we stepped out the door. In fact i could have quite happily gone to bed for a kip first, but there was no chance.
Three drinks later and i'm wide awake and absolutely off my bloody face. Daniel was dragging me around trying to follow a fella he had seen and thought was fit. Then he did a really embarrassing thing that i fucking hate and mercilessly ribbed him about for the rest of the night.
He walked past the guy and bumped into him and smiled in a pathetic attempt at getting his attention. which went down like a lead balloon because the guy told him to watch were he was going and swore at him. LOL

Poor Daniel was gutted.

I didn't get any (again), but someone gave me their telephone number. We were coming out of a pub and a guy pushed a piece of paper into my hand then walked off with all his mates (about 4 of them). He waved and they all laughed. When i looked at the slip of paper it just had a telephone number on it.

Trouble is, this morning with my hangover and fuzzy head, i can't quite remember what he looked like.
I woke up in bed with Daniel at his house. I was wearing nothing except for one sock. He was fully clothed and had sick on his right hand from where he had been sticking his fingers down his throat trying to get it up.

A good night was had by all...I think.


Anonymous said...

One sock? and just were did you have it

Anonymous said...


So you beefed Daniel when he was passed out.

naturgesetz said...

Poor Daniel.

Well, I don't know if you completely followed my advice not to do anything I wouldn't do. Getting really drunk is kind of a no-no. But taking your clothes off in a non lust-inducing situation is okay. And judging from the fact that Daniel was still fully clothed, your near-nudity does not seem to have induced any lust.

Misiu said...

My god!
where do u go out in Manchester? :p

Jason Shaw said...

Classic! Just a sock!