Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Found him

Had daniel knocking on my door tonight, he came across on the bus!.
Really worried. He was in a right state. He's been ignoring all calls to his mobile, including his mum.
no news of the condition of the guy he smacked but I told him he's not dead and we need to go back and sort this out.
Apparently there is more but he won't tell me about it. He looked like he's been crying.
Have called his parents and we are going back over when he gets outta my shower.

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Anonymous said...

jeepers, of luck to ya both.

drew said...

hope things work out for Daniel.. bars/people always a bad combo..

naturgesetz said...

My prayers for Daniel and the guy he decked.

I hope the guy will make a complete recovery.

And I hope under all the circumstances the authorities will treat it as a fight with unintended consequences, in which both parties share the blame.

It's good he has a level-headed friend to turn to.

Anonymous said...

I hope he's O.K. and too much shit does'nt come down.

Good luck to both of you.

drew said...

I guess I better get Ben out there to get you all out of jail..

Waiting For John said...

I hope the guy Dan hit wasn't John! I'll never forgive him if it was...

tristram. X

drew said...

you bring us to the edge of our seat with the info on Daniel then you leave us!!! You aren't following bloggers etiquette!! ;-) Did you and Ben elope or divorce!!

Jason Shaw said...

Hugs to you. and Daniel.