Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Houston we have a problem.
As amazing as this may sound we have a situation unfolding here.
Daniel has punched someone outside a pub. Some guy was being abusive with a couple of his mates, a row followed that turned into a small fight.
Unfortunatly one punch from Daniel knocked the guy to the floor where he banged his head.
The latest info we have is that the guy is in intensive care and Daniel has gone missing thinking he's killed him.
I can't believe I'm writing this, it sounds like something from a film.
More to follow when I hear it.

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Anonymous said...

OMG !!

The poor bloke, having to admit he was half killed by a nancy.

Go Daniel.

The word is foopme ??

Is that some strange northern fetish ?

vilges suola said...

Christ, that sounds serious. Hope the lad he belted is OK, despite being a cunt, or it could turn out bad for Daniel, especially as he disappeared after laying him out.

JoeBlow said...

I guess you don't want to make Daniel mad, huh? Well, I hope things work out, and Daniel will be fine. Hopefully, the guy Daniel hit will be okay (and maybe learns not such an ass anymore).