Monday, 24 May 2010

Smelly weather

It's amazing how a bit of sun can cheer you up.
It's been a scorcher this weekend and ben is burnt to a cinder. I tan quite easily if I could be bothered to sit in it, but I don't.

It's also a bit hot and sticky having sex in this weather. Not that it shouldn't always be, but I'm touching noone in this heat until they've had a shower first Lol. That's my OCD kicking in again.

On saturday night the smells were overpowering. I didn't mind the fellas, most of them just overdid the deoderant but the women were horrendous. Half of them must have had a bath in perfume before they came out, and it was that horrible floral flowery type stuff. Eeeurrgh my gag reflex was struggling to cope at times. Ladies, a little is nice, a lot just stinks.

I've been lucky enough to get out of the office today. Normally I'm sat sweating my arse off indoors on hot days and out when it pisses it down. But not this time.

Then I stood in some dog shit and no matter what you do it's permanant. I could hardly breath in the car.
Fucking dog owners!.

Ben is gonna stop at my place over the upcoming bank holiday weekend.
Let's see if we can live together for three days and still like each other afterwards.

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Anonymous said...

true with perfume and much in life...a little goes along ;)

naturgesetz said...

The secret for sticky weather isn't deodorant, it's powder. Best is a mixture of cornstarch, talc, and baking soda, but as long as you at least have the talc or the cornstarch, you should feel pretty non-sticky for a good while.

drew said...

you and Ben are going to do great!! I hope you all have a great weekend together!! This coming weekend is Memorial Day in the US so we get an extra day ourselves. See I'm being real nice today!!