Friday, 21 May 2010

I spy

ben is sometimes toooooo quiet.

One to one he's fine but in company he seems to drift into the background. I don't mean he doesn't get involved, he just doesn't speak unless someone asks him something. It's like he's not there.
Also, he can turn off when he's Reading. A bomb could go off and he wouldn't notice it. I on the other hand get distracted easily so need peace and quiet when I'm Reading. I don't want the telly on or anyone flitting around me.

He can have music playing and an electric drill running and it wouldn't bother him, it's like he's in his own little world.
We are like chalk and cheese. I just hope it works to our advantage rather than the other way around.

Just missed a couple of fit looking lads on bikes ride past with their tops off. Nice bodies, a bit to many tats for my liking but certainly eye candy. Why am i'm I never ready with my camera when that happens?.
Actually thinking about it would I have dared take a picture ?.

I could do with some of those spy glasses, they look like an ordinary pair of specs but have a hidden camera in the nose bit. When you see something nice you touch a switch by your ear and it captures the image. Or did I just dream this exists?.


vilges suola said...

Is he reading to tune people out? I've always done that. If he's an introvert like me, read this: we need to be understood better!

drew said...

what is the old saying "opposites attract." When I read that you will get out of bed to straighten some shoes I feel it is probably good to be with someone that is just mellow. Might help mellow you out some.. What I like about you if you are very precise in what, where, and when in your life. If Ben can fall asleep as fast as he does he is somewhat of a relaxed person and then we have you??? ;-)

naturgesetz said...

If the camera doesn't exist, you should invent it.