Thursday, 20 May 2010

Another day another dime

Ryan has a spot on his chin and he's picked it overnight, you couldn't really see it yesterday but today it looks like a bullet hole. He was trying to get rid of it but just made it worse, he might as well have coloured it in with a felt tip pen. Reminds me of my teens.

Kath , one of the women in the office , accidently put her mobile phone in the wash. It had a full 2 hour cycle, spin and dryer and fell in bits. The sim card was rescued from the filter and the back of the case appeared in a pair of knickers.
She brought all the bits to work today and asked if anyone could fix it for her.
Everyone laughed but helped put it back together like a jigsaw puzzle. We switched it on and the bloody thing worked !!!!
Well done Nokia.

I'm getting the dead eye from someone at work, he hasn't said anything or done anything so I can't actually complain about him but I can smell a homophobe a mile off and I suspect he doesn't like me for some reason.
Maybe I'm just being paranoid.


Anonymous said...

I hope you're wrong about your coworker being a homophobe. :(

That's awesome about the Nokia. :)

The picture is hot. ;)

Paul said...

Michael, ignore your co-worker, if he has a problem don't let it become yours as well. You're happy with your sexuality, if he doesn't liker it then tough shit. It took me until the age of 45 to realise that. I'm ashamed about the lost years.

vilges suola said...

Yeah, ignore him. Any problem is entirely his. Homophobic men hate themselves as a rule. Abloke I knew told his brother he had sex with men. After a pause, the brother asked 'is it smelly?'Which says a lot about how the brother perceives himself, and nothing about gay sex.

drew said...

I agree with everybody on your glaring friend. I would try not to pay him any mind. I would imagine you have quite a few friends there so I don't think he will do anything.. Also, hows our buddy, Ben? Tell us a little more about him in one of your posts, if you don't mind..

naturgesetz said...

Poor Ryan!

Well, maybe he'll have learned his lesson: put a band-aid over it once you've made it worse.

Anonymous said...

I think you should smile sweetly at him the next time he gives you the deadeye. Ask him out or generally come on to him. If he complains tell everyone he came on to you.