Wednesday, 19 May 2010

You can't win can you ?

Im starting to feel tired now. To many late nights. I'm going to bed early but not sleeping. I know what your thinking but it's not for that reason.
I just can't sleep with someone else there. He's too hot. And I'm not talking hot as in hot!!! I mean he's like a hot radiator.
Then he whistles when he breaths and any movement wakes me up.

Last night I had to ask him to face the other way because I could feel his breath in my ear. Lol it's pathetic isn't it?. But he's one of these people who just shuts their eyes and in seconds they are unconcious. I'm different, I can even find myself getting out of bed to straighten some shoes if they ain't put away properly. otherwise it annoys me and I'm thinking about it all the time. I must have that OCD. anyway I'll have to get used to it. I think.

I'm getting a bit stupid with my new phone, ben told me I'm obsessed with it, and thinking about it I probably am at the moment. I'm using stupid apps for everything.

I now know that it takes 32 mins and 48 seconds to get from my front door to work in the morning and can show a map of the route, I can watch sky news whilst having a shit, check my lotto numbers, read my emails in the bath and I know my bmi is ok. I can tell the phone to play music without pressing buttons and I know which way is north should I ever get lost. Another app will show me where the nearest pub is even though I know where it is anyway and I'm getting red hot at darts and snooker.
just spent 10 minutes of my tea break tossing an imaginary piece of paper into an imaginary dustbin and downloaded another app that will help me find my car again when I park it somewhere. And worst of all I do the very thing that annoys me when others do it. I have conversations with people without actually paying attention and looking up from my phone. They talk and I just tap away and Say yes. It's as if I'm on drugs or something.
Ridiculous, but fun.

The novelty will wear off soon, it always does.


JoeBlow said...

I'm the same way about falling asleep. I will lay there and think about all the things I need to do and get back up to do them because I know I will forget in the morning.

The novelty of the phone will wear off eventually, but have fun until it does.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I am the same way....cant fall asleep with someone in my bed.....crazy isnt it????

the phone, it will get old, but by then they wilkl have a new one, you will get it and BOOM, same

drew said...

I think you should consider Ambien for those together nights.. Fix your problems, don't kick Ben out of the bed!! You are a persnickety one, you are!! Ok, another cheap shot. What do you expect from the Colonies!!

Robbie said...

I am used to sleeping with my bf.....used to him sleeping on my side until I get in hours later..used to him breathing on me...I get in, I need everything to be perfect..the sheets flat and tight..the pillows exactly right..I fuss and move till it is right...But now the thing is if he's away overseas, I can't sleep. I hear every noise in the building. I can't sleep with the dogs because pugs once you get used to a can't do without him.

naturgesetz said...

" I can watch sky news whilst having a shit" — appropriately enough?

Adventures In Gay Dating said...

I completely understand. It can take quite a while for a new couple to "learn" to sleep together,well. When I was your age, I was just like you if someone else was in bed. I'd sleep with one eye open all night (it seemed) and lord help them if they snored or breathed in my face. Now, I'm like your b/f, as soon as my head hits the pillow, I'm out.