Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Blogging on the move

The boss is on holiday this week so it's a bit more free and easy in the office for a change.
And with a bit of luck he'll get stuck abroad because of the ash cloud.

Actually I don't really hope that happens, the place falls apart when he's not here, there is a sudden whiff of anarchy about and people stop working and start pissing around. Thats ok for about five minutes then it gets on my tits. You can't get on with your own work and I crave someone with a bit of authority to settle people down again.

There was a game of football taking place in the canteen about an hour ago and the noise was appaling.
Perhaps I'm turning into a boring old fart but when I'm at work I wanna work. I like it to be fun and a happy atmosphere but not like a Saturday night out.

I think I might have got this phone blogging cracked.
All I need to do is upload a couple of pictures and I can access that post on my phone to add the text bit to.
I phones are ace for typing, you get a proper keyboard and I can type as normal. I could do with smaller fingers though I feel like I have sausages for fingers.

I wonder if anyone has ever tried typing a blog with their cock?.


Phunk Factor said...

Fingers, cock, keyboard, iphone, etc etc...whatevr keeps this page running is fine by me! ;)

naturgesetz said...

You're not a boring old fart, but you are an adult about work. I really admire you. I think there are lots of guys your age who still haven't grown up. Some never do.

And no, I never tried typing with it. LOL

Anonymous said...

when u try the cock typing thing...post pics PLEASE :)

drew said...

it's about time you wrote!! You been keeping us waiting... ;-)
I think your have a great work ethic and at your age that will always be a big plus for your career. I own a business with 4 female employees and they do the same for me. If you treat your employees good they will look after you/your business. What type of business do you do, if you don't mind? Is you boss the friend of a friends father??

Mambam said...

Fellas it's impossible to write with your cock, watch 6£,&;;£:)3)grnefwkddjjbe dudwiagd xxx

and drew
I'm a jack of all trades, mainly in the accounts side but thankfully I'm moving away from that, it sounds like you have to be intelligent to work in an accounts department, but for me it's like a factory. An invoice is an invoice is an invoice a letter is a letter and calculators and computers do the rest.