Sunday, 16 May 2010


Now we don't wanna be losing the pictures do we ?.

His name is ben, I was actualy after his mate initially but he made it quite clear that he fancied me more than his mate did. Of course flattery gets you everywhere in this world so I quickly lost interest in his mate and latched on to him.

He's 24, blonde (but surprisingly not dumb), curly/wavey hair, smooth chest, fantastic teeth, greenish eyes, and one of those cocks that look tiny when soft but get a he'll of a lot bigger when he gets all excited, lol!. And thin as well, not fat, more like a cigarette than a cigar.

That last bit sounded like a gaydar profile didn't it?. Anyway when you ignore the looks you find he's sweet and quiet and reads books and is a bit shy and is slightly backwards when it comes down to the ways of he world.

He's only ever slept with one other guy and it wasn't really anything more than a quick fummble aparently. Ahh bless him. I certainly changed all that !!!!!! Snigger :-))
He lives in a dump and has no transport so it's easier for me to go to him than the other way around, that way I don't have to take him home afterwards.

It's still early days I suppose, we might fall out and hate each other by the end of next week (well we are a couple of homosexuals after all) but for now let's just see.

In the mean time, keep your fingers crossed for me.


Anonymous said...

Oh he is cute....Im crossing my fingers for you both ;)

Jason Shaw said...

My fingers are crossed. Phew hottie

Paul said...

Good for you Michael, I hope Daniel likes him. Just remember we need all the gory details!

Mambam said...

No, the picture is not of him.
It's just a conicidence that they look similar.

Anonymous said...

Well he sounds cute as hell. Good luck!!


JoeBlow said...

He sounds hot, shaggy-haired blonds are always my favorites. My fingers are crossed for you.

Anonymous said...

Good on you. You sound like a nice guy, so does he. So the best of luck to you both. Take care, Peter-D.

Callen said...

ah. new love. its always exciting.

naturgesetz said...

"[H]e's sweet and quiet and reads books and is a bit shy…" Sounds like someone you'd be compatible with, especially the "reads books" part.

Hopefully you mean more to him than the guy he had the quick fumble with. And hopefully he means more to you than he did to that guy. I mean, my opinions are clearly enough stated on my own blog, but at the very least, it should be interpersonally meaningful, IMO. So I hope you've got that.