Sunday, 16 May 2010

Test post

I'm not gone, I haven't been run over and I haven't forgotten about blogging
I've sort of found someone and as you can imagine it leaves less time to blog when your just shagging all the time.
You may have noticed I'm posting this from my phone.
That's because I'm spending more time at his place than I am at mine.
I've downloaded an app that let's me blog on the move so I might try do more.
Did I tell you I got a new phone?. Boys and toys, I don't know who I love most him or this!.
Anyway stand by for some test posts. I have no idea how it will look on the page, I'll have to check later when I'm home.

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JoeBlow said...

Mambam, congrats on finding someone. I don't blame you; I wouldn't be bogging so much if I was "shagging all the time" either. Have fun (with him and the iPhone, LOL), and I hope you keep us updated. I always enjoy your posts.

By the way, I think the post from you phone looks fine.

Anonymous said...

Good on yea bud . you have more important things on your mind just now. Am sure you will keep us up to date
Eddie xx

drew said...

you do have to prioritize things in your life and I bet blogging does fall a little short of your other activities ;-).. Good luck..

Anonymous said...

Nice one.