Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Older Gay Fat men

After a great June we've now settled back into a typical English summer. Pissing it down every 5 minutes and Cloud all over the place.
But it's also warm so your caught between getting wet and feeling cool or sweating your arse off but covering up.
I wished i lived somewhere else.
I imagine hot country's with hot guys walking around half naked. But the reality is probably fatties in tight T Shirts.

On Saturday i went to the Supermarket and there was a huge sweaty scruffy man looking through a bargain bin full of DVDs. He was about 30ish, unshaven, dirty finger nails and hair down to his shoulders (even though he was bald on top). he wore a stained Def Leppard T-shirt that hardly covered his belly, Had jeans that sagged round his bum, black socks, slipper (?) and the hairiest arms and ears i've ever seen on a man.
Worse still he stunk to high hell and i wasn't even walking past him, i was at least three feet but the pong still managed to hit me. He can't have had a wash in 6 months, and with all the hot weather and all....
Yuk !. You wouldn't wanna be rummaging round in his underpants thats for sure. LOL. Anyways the reason i say this is because i know someone who really goes for big men. OK, he's a bit of a chubby chap himself, but he's actually got a bit of a fetish for older fat guys with beards (his words not mine).
I wonder what he would have thought of this guy ?. Imagine sucking on his toes...
BBBBBBlllllleaaaark !!!!! I think i'm gonna be sick.


naturgesetz said...

I still say if you want to see young guys walking around half naked, you've got to set them a good example. LOL

Jason Shaw said...

Oh my flipping heck. Yuckky

I know it's hard to keep in trim sometimes, especially as we get older, but no excuse of not being clean and unsmelly.

It's not the toes I'd be worried about, but the cheese a little higher up!

Al Jensen said...

As an older fat man, I tend to be very realistic about casual prospects. For this reason, I go to the supermarket for groceries only (not to get action). That said, however, you might be surprized at the amount of flirting I get (yes, some from women) but some from younger (and quite young) males. I do tend to be clean (and no facial hair) and my clothes, while plain, are of reasonable quality. A smile in the aisle will always get mine. I find latin men and some african/american men more congenial in this regard. By the way, I live where it's hot, and people run around in tight t-shirts or no shirt a lot. I recommend it.