Thursday, 29 July 2010

DJ on the Radio Blog

I've just finished reading a book by Simon Garfield called The Nations Favourite.
If you live outside the UK it would probably be a bit of a meaningless read for you because it's the true story of a famous and popular UK BBC Radio Station going through a huge change from it's staid old fashioned DJs and music of the past through to supposed young trendy audience and Jocks of the future.
It's quite funny in parts and interesting if you know the people it writes about, but the thing that amused me the most was the backstabbing self opinionated prima donna behaviour of DJs who, lets face it, just talk for a living in between playing other peoples music.

For some reason some of them actually thought that the nation waited with baited breathe for the words they spouted every day in between Billy Joel and the Beach Boys. And many couldn't understand why they couldn't still be playing music on a station aimed at 15 to 25 year olds, even though they were now in their 60s.
But any time i've ever met a DJ they always turned out to be a tosser anyway. I nearly went out with one once who worked in a pub in Bury. Then i saw him playing one night and couldn't get over the fact that he spoke with an American accent on the mic.
The final straw came when he told a joke and it fell flat. you could practically see the tumbleweed blowing past as he slapped a record on quick to cover his embarrassment.

Then i think to myself, isn't that what this blog is anyway?. Someone elses pictures instead of music but still with me waffling away about any old shite in between.
Am i a tosser ?. Well i'm definitely a Wanker i can confirm that analogy for a start. :-)).

But i think I'd like to be a DJ. How much hard work could that be?.

It's 4.23 on a warm Thursday afternoon here in the UK and your reading the Mambam Blog. Earlier on i'll be writing about a fat smelly man with black socks and well be looking at some gay erotica that bares no relevance to the blog postings attached.
But for now... heres a picture of a half naked man by Ev Dylan.
Fffffwwwwooooooorrrr !!!


Anonymous said...

mambam the dj......yep, that could work ;)

drew said...

first off I had to look up tosser on Google. I didn't need any help with wanker. You have such command of the english language. You would definitely be a great DJ!!

naturgesetz said...

Some of the pictures you post are nice to look at, such as the one with the post before this one.

But as far as I'm concerned, you're the exact opposite of a DJ. In your case it's the words that are important and the other stuff is just filler. I think I've told you before, I'd read your blog just as avidly if there were no pictures. It's you I care about, not them.