Friday, 30 July 2010

Get well too soon

Daniel came over yesterday.
He seems a lot happier now, but he tends to be able to put things behind him a little quicker than is healthy I think.
It’s always been the way. One minute he’s suicidal over something, but when you help him out by sorting it for him he forgets about it almost immediately and is super happy again instantly.
He’s not putting it on, he really is depressed and really does feel happy again. But the change is too quick for my liking.
I don’t think he realises that his financial problems are only just beginning and that there hasn’t just been a quick fix.
Mark my words, in a months time he’ll be all depressed again when he realises that for the next five years he’ll be paying off his debts on top of his normal bills.

On the plus side, he’s lost a bit of weight with all the stress and worry and looks as fit as fuck all of a sudden. LOL.
We were both laughing about it.
There are upsides to no food and sleepless nights.

One of my bosses can be really annoying when it comes to leaving the office for a meeting or to visit a customer.
He'll tell you he is going, but 20 minutes later he's still pissing about making calls and sorting things out.
Not because they need to be done there and then. In fact he's probably spent the past 3 hours doing bugger all. But for some reason all those little jobs need doing just before he goes somewhere.
He can do more work in that half an hour before leaving the office than he's done all day. Then he'll go for a piss, ask if anyone needs anything whilst he's out, make another quick call, tell you he’s going again for the 12th time, start talking to someone, read a bit of the front page of a newspaper that someone has left lying around in the canteen, ask again if anyone needs anything. rings the person he's going to visit to say that he's on his way, gets involved in another piece of work whilst he's still at his desk, and so it goes on.
Sometimes he'll piss about for so long that he'll eventually say that it's too late and wont bother going at all.
This has nothing to do with me, doesn’t effect my work and is just something that goes on in the background whilst I’m busy. It matters not one iota to me whether he stays or goes..
So why does it piss me off so much that after about an hour of this I just wanna scream "WILL YOU JUST FUCK OFF !"


Anonymous said...

He's only doing it specifically to annoy you.

drew said...

I think Daniel is probably a bit immature. He doesn't realize how long it takes to pay off credit cards at 14%+ if not making substantial payments. Some people have to learn on their own. I think you bud at work is a lazy ass if you ask me. He would rather talk than work..

Anonymous said...

maybe thats the only way Daniel can deal with things? Sounds like your a good friend, standing by him...

tell the boss to fuck off, lol

Harry said...

This might cheer you up: gay comedy

naturgesetz said...

I think what that boss does is called avoidance. When there is something I know I need to do, such as sit down with the stack of bills and write some checks, it's the easiest thing in the world to come up with other things that I need to do first, such as check the blogs I follow, do the sudoku puzzle(s) in the newspaper(s), bring in the daily post, watch the Red Sox game.

I'm glad Daniel is feeling better, and I hope he's able to handle the situation and get everything paid off. I also hope he's learned a good lesson about how not to use credit cards.

Mambam said...

Daniel will always be Daniel fellas. Sometimes i just wanna ring his kneck, but i still love him to bits.

Not in that way ;-)