Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Kids are alright

Been to the gym tonight for a change and i got Daniel to come as well because he is staying at my place for a few days. I can't get myself there on my own it's no good. I need someone to come with me. The best time for me to go alone would be to call straight from work but it's always really busy at that time and you end up sitting next to some smelly women on the rowing machine.

I've read lots of gay men writing about Gyms being a places for meeting up but i think that's bollocks. Anywhere that is infested with Hetero men and women is lifeless of any cruising as far as i am concerned.

Maybe i walk around with my eyes shut but i don't get any come ons from this gym anyway.
I might get a flash of a sweaty arse in the changing rooms but i'm always fearful of getting my head kicked in so i keep it down at all times.

Never mind, i'm not there for a shag anyway am i ?. Perhaps if i were i might go more often.

Rob at work was telling me about bumping into his old Teacher at lunch time and how he still found himself calling the guy Sir.
I knew a guy at school that we used to call Sprout because he was so small. He's now about 6ft 4 and people still call him sprout. He got married last year i think and has a sprout of his own.
I'm now at that age where my friends are getting hitched and having kids. That's not gonna happen to me is it ?. I don't know how i feel about that. I do think about it sometimes. I hate weddings so i'm not bothered about that side of things. But would i like kids?. I'm not sure yet, i keep changing my mind. One minute i think no, the next i feel like i'm missing out. I never really thought of it before but as guys i went to school with start settling down with their girlfriends it makes me think.


drew said...

Is that your pic? How is Daniel doing with his debt? It's always good to hear from you. In the US it would be hard on the kid to have gay dad(s). I think in time that will change somewhat..

BosGuy said...

Maybe its different in the UK but gyms always seem to be pretty cruisy here in the States. I refer to the gym I go to as "the temple" because so many gay men attend it religiously.

Anonymous said...

No reason why, if you can find yourself a man - or even if you can't - no reason why you shouldn't foster or adopt kids. It's all legal now AND it's illegal for anyone to turn you down because you're gay.

Think on.

Vilges Suola said...

An ex of mine got drawn into the 'all my straight friends' bit and he got married. He and his lady didn't reproduce, thank God, but they did divorce, on the very obvious grounds that a man who desires men is not going to be satisfied with a woman or be able to satisfy her. It isn't just bonking, is it? Maleness matters to us; brotherly, matey, comradely sex matters to us. Do you want to give that up?

End of sermon...

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