Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Love is the Drug

How was that then ?, No post for ages and then two in one day.
Anyway onwards and upwards.
Is your life as boring as mine?.
Wake, work, home, bed ?. I think i need more excitement. I'm not going to own up to taking lots of drugs but i've dabbled. Nothing heavy you understand. Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty would think i was a lightweight, but i've had more than Night nurse and Venos.

What i find interesting about it is that although i still feel a bit shit afterwards it pales into insignificance to the way i feel when i've had a drink.
Last weekend i had a particularly heavy night out on the pop and woke up the next morning feeling like death warmed up.
My sticky gob tasted like the inside of a toilet and i felt sick and weak. My eyeballs were stinging and hurt like hell and i was cursed with a headache that started at my temple and finished half way down the back of my neck.
To think that people complain about a bit of E or Pot. Jesus! you wanna try Vodka and Southern Comfort.

There is nothing like that feeling of sick coming up your throat and down your nose whilst the room spins around and your feeling faint. A cold cold body at the same time as sweat dripping from your forehead. Never ever ever ever again !. Well not this weekend anyway.
I've still yet to find something that properly enhances sex. It's a bit like Chocolate and lettuce.
Everyone loves Chocolate but it makes you fat. Lettuce tastes of nothing but it's great for fatties.
In other words God it a twat and having a laugh at our expense, why isn't it the other way round ?.

Well drugs are a bit like that. The stuff that makes you feel really good usually stops bits working and the stuff that makes things work don't make you feel sexy. I wan't something that gives me a major orgasm, that will make me feel so horny i'll screw anything that moves. And afterwards wears of to nothing and i wake up feeling ok. I'll let you know if i ever come across it but i've had people suggest stuff that i've either avoided because i'm not that into drugs that i wanna start taking stuff i know for a fact is dangerous, or i've tried because i think it's ok and wanna know what all the fuss is about.
Most of the time it's just shite.

I can't tell you how disappointed i was when i tried Viagra. It's going back a bit now but what the fuck is that all about ?. I was expecting to feel sexy and rock hard. It makes you rock hard alright but i just got a red face and a headache. There was no sexy feeling, it just makes you hard that's all. Well i can manage that thanks without your stupid blue pill so all i've done is give myself a headache is it?. And then your told not to touch poppers and don't take this with it or that and fuck me i've just wasted my time.
On the other hand i could fuck for Britain if i wanted too but i had a headache so i didn't.
Rubbish drug for anyone under 40 who can get a stiffy on your own. Avoid.


naturgesetz said...

Yeh, well it's a matter of how much vodka and Southern Comfort you have, innit.

It seems you still have to learn the happy medium of drinking enough to feel good without drinking enough to make you feel bad.

LOL at Viagra.

Anonymous said...

You are a very naughty binge drinker.

I used to love shagging whilst tripping on LSD. You feel all tactile and loved up and when you come it truly does blow your mind.

Mambam said...

For some strange reason i can't remember how much i had.

Mmmmm, LSD eh ?. is that a recommendation ?. LOL.

drew said...

Well, tiger woods used Ambien and his girls say it really improved his sex life. might be interesting. He satisfied 25 women plus his wife.. Good to hear from you.