Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Healthy eating

I saw a fella fall off his bike this afternoon. He was dressed in that skin tight riding gear with helmet attached, but he was about 50 and had bulges all over the place so it didn't look sexy.

When he got up off the road he looked really pissed off and i can understand why. He had just ran over a crow that was picking at a dead animal squashed in the road. It was like something from a comedy. He obviously thought it would move outta they way as he rode closer to it, but it didn't. He went arse over tit and the bird fluttered off with an injured wing. I wish i'd had a camera. I could have had £250 from Harry Hill outta that.
I actually think that riding gear looks really sexy on the right guy. Especially when theyve been riding in wet weather and the splash from the back tyre splatters up their arse. You just wanna reach out of you car window and give it a wipe for them don't you?.

I'm stopping in tonight. Cash crisis and all that. I can't afford to do anything at the moment, and that includes eating. I did consider going over to my parents but they are going to watch a friend bowling. I can't think of anything more boring.

Every town has lots of supermarkets and i usually stick to the same one every week. But today i was out of the office and got the opportunity to go to Morrisons.
I'm not being nasty but my god this place has some weird shoppers. If i told you that almost every isle had chocolate biscuits and potato crisps in it and there was a huge wall for pizzas and a massive section for alcohol it might help you work out the type of people they are aiming at.
No healthy eating stuff in this place. No wonder the place was full of overweight people. Every special offer i saw was for something that had 1000 calories a gobfull. I saw a guy buy three Pies and four cans of Carlsberg. Dinner do you think ?.


naturgesetz said...

I feel sorry for the crow, but not for the idiot who ran over it.

Maybe that's dinner for two, depending on how large the pies are. Steak and kidney?

Anonymous said...

Our Morrisons has just been expanded - so there's even more crisps, chocolate, biscuits, pies, cheese - oh and frozen chips. Don't forget the frozen chips.

But you see there's a Tesco coming soon so they're not going to be around for ever.

Anonymous said...

Morrisons are definitely going after the lower end of the market but I hate Tesco's.
They have done so much damage to our local economy.
People tend to use the supermarket that nearest to them anyway hence the preponderance of the fucking things.

Glad you're back, glad you've been getting plenty.
You don't have to kiss anybody you don't want to, I do you think your analysis of the situation is probably correct.
If work is dodgy, have you got a Plan B ?

Mambam said...

I used to like Tesco but for some reason they have lost it a bit.
Also, i find that when i shop there i walk out having spent more money than anywhere else. Can't work out if it's because i buy more or they are just more expencive.