Tuesday, 28 September 2010

What you been up to then ?

So what the bloody hell have i been up to then ?.
Nowt really. I'm trying to think hard (oo-er madam) whats been happening since i last wrote?. Who have i slept with ?. Did anyone die ?. How many different kinds of drugs have i been taking?.

Well let's start with work and get the boring bit over with first. It's as dead as a Dodo and i'm getting a bit worried to be honest. The phone didn't ring for at least an hour yesterday morning which is really unusual for this place. We've already `let some people go` which is fancy talk for sacking staff and i'm twiddling my thumbs trying to look busy in case i'm next. Hence this blog post. As i type this i look like i'm writing a very important letter so lets get to the nitty gritty next.

I'm still single but i've been a bit of a slapper lately. It's quite good fun at the time but afterwards you feel a bit deflated. I think i just enjoy the chase and flirt and shag. But then the morning after i just wish they would disappear and forget all about it. I think i'm living my sex life like a wank. I like the fantasy of it but the reality is boring.
I've also started avoiding kissing people. I don't know why but i suppose it's my way of saying this is just a shag don't get any ideas.

Daniel comes over to stay every now and then but i think he's getting a bit bored of coming to Halifax. He much prefers us to go to Mancs and i can't blame him. It's a fucking hole this place and once you've been into town once you've seen it all. At least in Manchester you get to see the tourists.
All those sightseers wanting to gawp at all the gay boys on Canal Street and the occasional Closeted married guy on his holidays or working away taking his first steps into the gay world, getting pissed, and going mad.

Daniel has a new mate called Brandon. He is a bit creepy to be honest. Weird long badly dyed hair that looks shit topped off with spotty face.
He has this thing about married men. He will do anything with or for them and tells us stories about who he met the night before.
3 weeks ago he told us of a visit to a man in his 40s who's wife was a way with the girls for a weekend in London. He stayed the night with this fella getting rogered senseless whilst his 2 year old was in the next room asleep.
I'm not a prude but i don't approve of this sort of thing. Both of them were bastards but he doesn't care.
I may blog a bit more this week as i have the time so i'll save the rest of my update till tomorrow.


Paul said...

I'm glad to see you posting again.

naturgesetz said...

I agree with Paul.

Sorry things are slow at work. I hope it picks up before they decide to let you go. It seemed like such a good move when you chose to go there, and I still hope it will work out well for you.

Too bad Daniel isn't all that interested in going to Halifax any more, but I guess it's understandable, what with Mancs being a bit livelier. But then Halifax has YOU!!! That should count for a lot.

And I agree with you that being the one a married man cheats with is not good.

Mambam said...

"Halifax has you"

Sounds like a good slogan for the local tourist board.