Monday, 4 October 2010

Hang the DJ

I've been offered £80 if i'll help a uncle doing a disco for someone. I say Disco! because that's just what it is supposed to be. A 50th Birthday party for some woman at work.

This guy used to be a DJ about 30 years ago and still has all the records so was asked to resurrect his career one last time for a friend. He's hired the decks and  he needs help carrying all the equipment to the venue, setting it up and then bringing it back again afterwards.
I also suspect he wants me there for moral support as well because it's so long since he last did it he's crapping himself and doesn't wanna go alone.
On one hand i don't fancy the idea of standing there like a tit at one side whilst he plays some shitty 70s Disco music and talks like Smashie and Nicey. On the other hand £ 80 !

I'll do it, but you buy all the drinks and i'm not driving was the reply. It's next Saturday. LOL. Daniel is pissing himself and wants to come. I think he imagines i'm gonna have something to do with it. I'm only the bloody roady for gods sake. I wish he could come because we could just have a few beers and enjoy ourselves most of the night until it's time to go. What am i gonna do between 8pm and 1am whilst it's all going off ?.


Anonymous said...

Just caught up with your blog, glad you're back in action again...Take care, Peter-D.

drew said...

why can't you get Daniel in? That would give you something to do.. I am sure you can work that in!! How was your weekend? Party in the pants you said!!
Loved that saying..

Mambam said...

It's a private party so he can't come
I had a great weekend i think ;-) Thanks

drew said...

well, when you remember it ;-) post some of the details!! Inquiring minds need to know!!