Sunday, 24 October 2010

I feel trapped

It's not that easy to blog when your parents are around. My computer is in the main room and so they can see everything i do.
"What are you doing ?" is the question i've been asked more than once this weekend and it's driving me potty.

At least when i lived with them i could disappear up into my bedroom when i needed some space. But now it's not that easy. For a starters theres very little in there other than my bed. And secondly it seems a little rude when you have visitors to stay.

For some reason we all seem to think we've got to talk all the time. I crave 10 minutes of silence. And i've given up the TV to their programs rather than mine tonight. Not that there was anything particular i wanted to watch. But X Factor would have been preferable to The Antiques Roadshow and they don't find Harry Hill funny so sat in silence all the way through looking perplexed.

On the plus side i've eaten more food in the last two days than ive had all week because my Mum "did a bit of shopping" on the way over. And i even awoke to the sound of her vacuuming the front room bless her. Dad has given me some tips on sorting the garden out that both of us know i will ignore and we have had a bit of a chin wag about old times that was fun.

It's nice, and i've sort of enjoyed it. But i''ll be glad when they've gone back home again.
I've not had a wank since Friday and i'm fit to burst ! 


Stephen Chapman... said...

It's a tough one - gotta ride this one out I think!

Paul said...

There'll be reports of flooding in Calderdale before the morning!

drew said...

Good son.. Now don't wear it down to a nub when they leave. You do have to use it again ;-) !!

Mind Of Mine said...

Does your Mum know about your blog..

Mine does...FML!

naturgesetz said...

I understand about enjoying the visit and looking forward to when they leave.

Next time, you shouldn't feel that you have to be with them all the time. Most of the time, of course, since it's you they've come to see, but you are entitled to a few minutes by yourself beyond necessary time in the loo. You might have to invent a project or an errand while they're watching telly (but Antiques Roadshow can be fun, IMO). And maybe get them out of the house with the grand tour of Halifax, ending up at Pickles & Portman for a pint or two (or your favo(u)rite watering hole).

Jason Shaw said...

Gosh, your poor old nuts, they must be aching badly.

drew said...

Don't tell me you aren't finished working yourself over!! Get back to posting.. :-)..

Mambam said...

Mind of mine
NO way !. I don't publicise it among people i know.

Hopefully there won't be a next time.

Everyone else
It was a 4ply man size tissue type situation.
but i still nearly had my eye out

MadeInScotland said...

I had mine for 2 weeks. They even reported me as a missing person to the police for staying out all night...