Thursday, 28 October 2010

Nothing in common

I seem to have had a really busy week.
Once my parents eventually buggered off back home i then got an invite out for a meal one night and the next for a drink with some mates i haven't seen in about 5 years.

It's funny how easily you can lose contact with mates. Especially school friends. That happens more or less straight away. Within the first 12 months after leaving school i stopped keeping in touch with loads of people. And as soon as i left the hetero world behind and started frequenting gay clubs and pubs the rest became a distant memory as well because i didn't bump into them as often whilst out drinking.

Anyways, on Wednesday night i spent three hours in a pub playing catch up with guys from my past.
We had nothing in common any more. As long as we talked about school it was fine. But any other talk fell on bored ears. It was a laugh, but a one off i think.

The meal was similar to be honest. Remember that older guy i talked about last week ?. We don't actually have much in common. Maybe it was because the restaurant was so quiet and there was no atmosphere. Perhaps i just wasn't in the mood. Maybe i was just sober and felt differently about him.
Mmm, don't jump to conclusions Michael. Give it another go before you decide.


naturgesetz said...

When I went back to Germany in September and saw people from the organization I had hung around with during my weekend visits 15-25 years ago, we were delighted to see each other, but there was not much real conversation. I think the reason is neither they nor I had the conversational skill to ask, "What's been happening in your life these past 15 years?"

Maybe that wasn't exactly the same as your situation, but I think what happened to both of us has to do with having nothing in common since "back then." So what we need is a way of catching up.

I think if you see them every once in a while, you may begin to have something in common beyond school days

Raver4Life said...

Ha totally get what you mean about losing touch and then only having school to talk about! SO AWKWARD! I do try to keep contact but I feel in the end we are all just as shit as eachother really! Im just happy for the small few who you know you will always be able to meet up with no matter how long it has been and act completely the same!