Friday, 29 October 2010

In the mood

It's Halloween this weekend so must remember to turn the lights out and not answer the door on Sunday night. Kids trick or treat a lot around here apparently LOL.
On Saturday night the clocks go back. I don't know if they do that anywhere else in the world but over here in the UK the clocks go back one hour for the winter and and hour forward for the summer.
It's something to do with daylight saving time. All i know is that next week it'll be dark before i get home from work, which is fucking horrible.
On the plus side i get an extra hour in bed on Sunday because 1pm will actually be 12 noon when i eventually adjust my ticker. Huuuuuraaah!!! 
I'm going out tonight, Daniel is in tow and we are going to have a little drinkies. If you are in Mancs tonight and see us, come say hello. :-)
Especially if you look like the below picture.....MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm My tong, your belly button, and we can take it from there.


drew said...

We in the US have the daylight savings change to Eastern Standard time We change the weekend following yours. I do feel guilty not giving out the candy because when I was a kid most did participate. I have already bought the candy and might give it a go this year!! Then again might be lights out.. Have a good evening with Daniel!!

Jason Shaw said...

Have a good time. You saucy man.

naturgesetz said...

Enjoy the evening.

The U. S. actually has several time zones, but Eastern extends from the east coast almost to Chicago.

I have a brother in Japan, and they don't do daylight saving time.

Mind Of Mine said...

I was Devo'd I wasn't out in Manc's last night!

I missed my boys!

I move back on Thursday though so I can make up for it!

drew said...

I gave out candy this year!! I had about 70 kids and it was enjoyable. Saw some of my neighbors. It was nice... After all, the kids are the reason for the holiday!! Michael, did you do halloween when you were younger??

Mambam said...


No i think it's a bit close to plot night (Gunpowder plot), or Guy Fawkes night as some call it here. November 5th was when we went around pestering people with an effigy of Guy Fawkes. I know this all sounds a bit weird but if you look up Guy Fawkes on google you'll see what i mean.
We also don't do thanksgiving either. We just have a long Christmas.

Mambam said...

adhar said...

Quelle merveille que ce mâle couché qui attend la langue qui va lui donner du plaisir jusqu'à n'en pouvant plus, il explose de bonheur.

J'aimerais être cet homme et cette langue.