Monday, 1 November 2010

No more Drink ?

Had a shit weekend really. Got a bit sick of seeing people walking around dressed like fucking zombies for starters.
I know it was Halloween and i sound a bit like scrooge complaining about Christmas but some women take the whole dressing up thing to far.
It was like being trapped on some sort of stag and hen weekend.

The reason i was probably pissed off was because i had arranged to meet that fella (Mark is his name by the way) from the other week. and the twat never turned up. when i tried ringing him there was no reply. Git.

Anyway i drowned my sorrows and ended up shagging someone else that i don't actually like. So i'm more pissed at myself really.
This guy has been hanging around for ages and probably just caught me on the rebound. All i know it that it seemed like a good idea at the time. The words "oh fuck it why not?" always seem to go through my head when i'm pissed. Not a good thought ot have is it ?.

Daniel has bet me £50 that i can't go without a drink for a month. He doesn't have £50 so i don't know why i'm taking him up on this challenge but as of the 1st of November i am gonna go T Total for the whole of the month.

It doesn't mean i will be stopping in. It just means that when we go out i wont have anything stronger than a Coke.
Can i do it ?. Well we'll just have to see won't we ?. Start saving up Daniel that 50 is mine.


Mind Of Mine said...

A holes a hole...

Anonymous said...

Mind of Mine, LOL!!

Could be a good idea, Michael.

If you're drinking so much you end up being disappointed with yourself, it is time to give it a rest.

drew said...

You did do something nice for someone!! Probably helped their self esteem/made their day!! Always look on the positive side of things!

Jason Shaw said...

Oh I love a good detox, usually mine last from breakfast to lunch time!

Good luck on your month without booze. Thinkin of ya! a

Ben said...

The guy in the pic looks like Ed Miliband. Yikes!

naturgesetz said...

Good luck on the boozelessness. If you go without between weekends, I'm sure you can do it for the month.