Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Day Two and i still haven't had a drink LOL !

Although i am quite busy, work seems to be getting really quiet.

I keep saying it i know, but it is !.
Anyways i'm now moving around the place a bit more. Jack of all trades. master of none. Or so the saying goes.
Today i helped out in the warehouse, at lunchtime we went into the little canteen area at the back. There were about three older guys drinking tea and eating sandwiches.
On the wall there were Calenders with naked women on them and a huge pile of porno mags sat near the toilet area. A toilet that opens into the canteen i might add. If anyone had taken a dump it would have been a no go area me thinks. As you can imagine this is a male only area. Not many women wander around this part of the factory.

It was funny to hear these old fat ugly blokes talking about what they would do to some young fit nubile young thing they see pictures of in the paper. Talk about sexist ! you wouldn't believe it.

Then it reminded me of some of the conversations i'v heard in the company of gay men. Much the same really only replacing fit young bird with fit twink.

Anyway, for 45 minutes they talked about the X Factor, then for the final 15 the subject turned to Barry who works upstairs.
He caught his wife shagging a neighbour about three years ago. They patched things up but ever since then he has always been suspicious of her. So now and then he goes home at unexpected times to check on her, or catch her out.
Last week he crept in and heard some noises coming from his bedroom. He burst in to find his 16 year old daughter "banging away" with her boyfriend.

I can't work out whether this story is true or just an old mans fantasy that they all seemed to enjoy. I can hardly ask Barry myself now can i ?.

Why do these stories never end "and he walked in to find his teenage son getting spit roasted by two of the neighbours"?


Vilges Suola said...

Christ, unreconstituted straights... how do you stand it? Very tasty little arse on the kid in that photo, wouldn't mind a bit of... Yes, we're just as bad.

Allen said...

I always felt awkward in those situations. I never knew when to throw in the right word as not to look gay, that was when I was in the closet. Now I just dont give a rats ass. If they "co-workers" gross me out, I turn the table and do the same right back. Its quite fun to see their faces.

Jason Shaw said...

I think it highlights that men, both gay and straight can be sexist pigs at times!

Wouldn't it be fun to have a 'spit roasted' by the neighbours story out there. So cool. Nice buns btw - though they should be yours! teehee. x