Monday, 18 October 2010

Older guy

I've met a fella over the weekend.
He's a bit old for me but it doesn't matter. I thought he looked about early 30s but it turns out he's nearer 40 !. That just goes to show how crap i am at judging age.

It doesn't matter because it's not as if we're gonna become an item. It's just a bit of fun and nothing more.

He's got his own place and stuff and is single but i've been told he used to be married and is actually in the closet. So that's two reasons why this should just stay a bit of fun for starters.

I've never actually had a fling with anyone this much older before. I might have had a bit of a fumble but never actually kept in touch. Daniel thinks it's hilarious. He's the one that goes for older guys not me.

Also he's hairy, and i mean hairy. Not just a bit of hair. A full on bush. And that includes the back which i'm not really keep on.
I'm not that hairy myself so it's a novelty and quite a turn on which has surprised me. On the down side it feels better than it looks so lights off.

I spent the most of yesterday in bed. I didn't get home on Sunday morning till about 8am so went straight to bed. Slept in till about 4pm, got up, had something to eat, lay down on the sofa and slept till about 7pm, got up had something to eat and then drifted in and out of consciousness in the chair watching the X Factor before going to bed at about 11ish.
It was like a lost day. I was knackered.


drew said...

the ole guy must have worn you out!! Age is in the mind. You come across as being older than what age is posted in your blog. You might enjoy a more mature man. Good luck.. Also, tell Daniel he needs to focus on no more bee stings on this posterior!!!

PSR said...

take care.

You know what I mean>

naturgesetz said...

I haven't had a lost day like that, mostly because I rarely stay up after 4:00 a.m. Usual bedtime is between midnight and 2:00. But occasionally I'll decide to have a nap in the late afternoon or early evening and not get up for three or four hours. Those are the times I'm most likely to be up until 4:00.

BTW, 40 is young from my point of view. From another point of view, everybody over 20 is my contemporary.

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

Nicely, and succinctly put, NG!

Have fun G =]