Thursday, 14 October 2010


We shifted that stone last night. Straight after work i drove over to pick Daniel up and we went straight to the yard.

This guy had a flat back wagon and we had to load all this old stone taken from a demolition job about a year previously and take it over to another site for a guy who bought it. Apparently old stone like this is worth a lot of money. Don't ask me why it just looked like any old stone to me.

But it had all been left out in the weather so half of it was full of mould and piss wet through. It was fairly straight forward. The only problem we had, came at the end, when the twat said he didn't have enough money on him to pay us both so we (or at least Daniel) will have to go back tomorrow night for the rest of it.

Today however i feel the pain. I was ok yesterday but why does it always hurt more the day after ?.

Bath, Radox bath salts and bed i think after this blog posting.
With a possible celebratory wank to finish off with. LOL

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drew said...

Are you 24?? or 42?? ;-) Now I know Daniel needs attention as he not only had to move stone but still has to have someone pamper his rear from the sting!! I would still be in bed asking for a wheel chair!! Enjoy the money!!