Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Pretty boring day today, nothing much happening so here goes.
I got an Email from British Gas today telling me not to forget my three complimentary Swims.
Apparently they are giving all their customers three free swimming sessions as a sort of promotional thing. What the hell swimming has to do with Gas i have no idea. It's like getting a free set of curtains with a new car.

Got a text message from my mum which is unusual in itself. She never texts people, she has no idea how to. But when i read it all i got was "l . - "
So obviously she still has no idea how to.

I'm gonna do nothing tonight, just sit on my bum in front of the telly and watch all Friday nights stuff i pre recorded, The Inbetweeners, 8 out of 10 cats, Rob Brydon, QI... There is normally bugger all on the rest of the week, they save all the best stuff up for the night that everyone goes out. Weeknights it's just soaps, cooking programs & game shows.
If i see another fucking cooking show i'll put my foot through the bloody thing.

Tomorrow night i'm doing that job so don't expect a blog entry, i may even stop over at my parents as well, it will save driving all the way back if it's late.


naturgesetz said...

Yeah. Why can't British Gas just give you a rebate on your bill, or tins of Spam® of equivalent value to the lessons? And what of those who already know how to swim? Do they have to pretend they can't? And can the lessons be taken at a naturist venue?

drew said...

so your life is not much different than mine. It seems we go through those normal nothing going on days. It is good to sit back and not do shit some evenings. You have moving rocks to look forward to!!

Anonymous said...

Most tv sucks.