Wednesday, 6 October 2010


I saw a tramp this lunchtime.

He was drying out his socks over some railings and sitting on a park bench with nothing on his feet.

He looked really sad staring into space and trying not making eye contact with anyone. It was as if the world around him didn’t exist.

The smell that came from his direction was stomach churning but he didn’t really look dirty.

I can’t say I’ve seen that many tramps recently. Not ones that look like the stereotype homeless person anyway. Bags and all

Nowadays it’s just guys hassling you outside WH Smiths trying to flog the Big Issue.

Like everyone else I walked past and carried on with my life. I might think I’m a caring person but when I comes down to it I do fuck all.

Why are most homeless people men of all ages or women over 50 ?.

There is a guy I see some mornings in the paper shop. He must be 80 if he’s a day and always says hello. The more I see him the more he chats. Nothing interesting just small talk about the weather or the noise of the traffic or any old shit.

But he’s got this sort of weird creepy aura about him. His skin is so white he looks dead and his teeth add to the effect by wobbling about as he speaks. There is so much hair coming outta his nose he could tie a knot in it and every now and then a little bit of spit shoots outta his gob when he’s saying something.

I don’t know why I feel like this about the poor guy because he hasn’t said or done anything strange to me but he’s got a sort of creepy thing going on.

I found out this morning that he used to be a butcher !. Gulp and he’s gay ! Double Gulp..


Anonymous said...

Go on, do the old boy a favour and show him your meat.

You'll be old one day.

John said...

You know I bet all these tramps are not over age 50. They probably just look so much older, since they can't/won't/don't take good care of themselves. They were everywhere when I lived in Las Vegas and always panhandling even in front of the grocery stores. I was always afraid if I didn't give them a dollar, they might key my car. I miss Vegas, but I sure don't miss that.

naturgesetz said...

He's chatting you up because his gaydar's still working just fine.

naturgesetz said...

And he rather fancies you. :D

drew said...

anyone out of the norm can cause you to be uncomfortable. We are told since we were kids to watch out for "those" people. I was taught to take care of myself and I always wonder when I view homeless people if it is their choice or not. I realize there are some who have emotional or mental issues but their are those who just don't want to work. I feel sorry for all of them but don't know how to approach the issue.

Mambam said...

No i don't think he's giving me the come on. For starters i don't think he thinks i'm gay. I think he's just the type of guy who will talk to anyone.