Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Good Samaritan

Being the kind and considerate person that i am, i asked the old lady who lives a few doors away from me if she needed any shopping picking up on my way home from work tonight. She must be about 80 and in weather like this your supposed to be neighbourly and checking on the elderly.
Actually, to tell the truth she waved at me as i walked past her house and asked if i could get her a bottle of milk. But i told her to write a note and i'd get her whatever she wants.
She gave me a list of things she needed like bread and Marmalade and butter and stuff. But the cheeky cow actually put down where i  was supposed to buy if from.
Got to be Morrison's Tuna but Tesco ready meal and Marks & Spencers Ham. She can fuck off, i'm not driving all over town to different shops.  She's done this once before. And she was disappointed then as well.

I’ve been getting the odd stomach pain lately. It’s like a sort of sharp needle type sting that comes every now and then.
No it’s not wind, before you ask. I don’t know what it is but like most blokes I ignore it because it’s only there once every blue moon and it doesn’t give me much trouble.
But today on the spur of the moment I thought I would ring the Doctors and get an appointment just to make sure.
I spoke to a snotty woman who answered the phone as though I was breaking her away from an important meeting. The earliest she could book me in for was December 13th. If it was anything bad I could be dead by then.
In the end I told her to forget it. It’s not that serious. But she sounded a bit put out by me saying that, as if I had been wasting her time. If it wasn’t that serious I shouldn’t have been ringing in the first place as far as she was concerned.
Doctor’s receptionists are Nazis, Fact!

Listening to the radio on my way home last night I heard a Union Leader talking about the British Airways strikes.
Why do all union Leaders all seem to come from Liverpool?

I found an old coin in the snow today. It's really small and says 1918 on it with a number 3 on the front. It's like no coin i've ever seen before. Am i rich ? Must check on e-bay !.


drew said...

Sounds like my experiences in shopping for my Dad when he was living with me. If you shopped at the "wrong" store he would let you know it. He had to have chicken salad from one store but nothing else and if you bought beef it was another store. Problem was he could tell the difference and would call me on it. I guess when you live up into your eighties you deserve it!! Pain in the stomach area can be lots of things beside gas. I would think at your age it would be something very treatable but I would get it checked out if it continues. We don't want anything to happen to our "Good Samaritan"

naturgesetz said...

Can you try another doctor's office, maybe the family doc back in the greater Oldham area? And take an appointment even if it isn't immediate. After all, if you could wait this long to seek medical attention, you can wait another couple of weeks. And if you don't take what they've got available now, it'll be just that much later when you do get to be seen.

That said, I understand that it's annoying to have to wait a couple of weeks, just at the point where you've decided that you want to check on it.

Maybe tell the nice old lady that you'll be happy to go to one place where you can get everything on her list, and it's up to her whether she'll take what you can find there, or do without.

Paul Brownsey said...

Sound as if the coin could be a silver threepenny piece. My aunt used to put one in a Christmas pudding.

Anonymous said...

The oldest people in our little road are pretty mobile and almost certainly have a freezer and certainly have a car.

But the young guy from next door went to check because it didn't look as though either of them had been out this morning.

A couple of minutes later the lady, Barbara, was out clearing the snow same as she normally is.

Doesn't harm to check and sometimes it's appreciated to a greater extent.

Mambam said...

I feel better now, Maybe it was just gas LOL


Changing doctors in this country isn't as easy as all that. The NHS is more complicated and has nothing to do with personal service. Long story.

I heard people put things like this in puddings years ago. Imagine that!. I'm bad enough with fish and bones,

I wonder if someone would do that for me ?. If i was ill at home no one would bother because i'm not old