Monday, 29 November 2010

Woman talk

Call me a wimp but weather like this doesn't make me wanna do anything after work.

It gets dark by 4 o'clock, it's bloody freezing and there is snow and ice everywhere.
What incentive is there to go out and do anything?. Daniel E-mailed me a picture of himself and his latest shag out having a couple of drinks on Saturday night. In the background there were guys wearing T-Shirts. LOL.

I also got an email from someone i haven't heard from in years. God knows where she got my address from but for some reason she seemed to think i might like to keep up to date with what she was doing.
She called it a round robin, whatever the fuck one of those is. It had lots of woman type talk in it, you know the sort of thing, "Hun" and "chick" and Daaaarlink Yuk!.

I know a woman at work who talks like this. She would think nothing of adding "i-Poooos" at the end of any word. So for instance she might ask.
"do you fancy a dink-i-poos?" or "have you seen the Stamp-i-poos?". She's 47 by the way.

Whilst we are on the subject. Why do women have to tell you how much weight a baby is when it was born ?. I have no idea what it means. All i can think is, is that good or what? 5lb 3oz?. What does that mean?  Have i wrote that before ? I'm having a deja vu moment here. Writing a blog that is a sort of journal means i sometimes repeat myself, just like i do in real life conversation.

My exciting weekend included sitting in front of the telly and watching anything and everything. I even watched a shitty film because it said "contains scenes of a sexual nature" in the write up.
It was shit by the way. I turned it off. Why i bother watching a film because there might be the odd sex scene in it when i can turn on my computer and watched hard core filth anytime is beyond me.
Although i must admit sometimes something a bit more soft core can be as much of a turn on. Really hard porn can get boring after a while. Also, soft porn or mainstream movies can also have nicer looking people in them.
There i go again, back onto porn. It seems to be a recurring theme on this blog. I'm repeating myself again.
Have i ever mentioned that i am gay by the way?


Anonymous said...

Urgh, No !!

You're a player of the pink piccolo ?

How foul !

naturgesetz said...





I know what you mean about porn. I don't look at it regularly, but I think something which has the viewer waiting for a glimpse of nudity, which comes and goes can be much more arousing than a couple of guys going through the routine.

Vilges Suola said...

I always had the impression you might like cock, so I'm glad you finally spelled it out.

Porn's like any other art form (and it is an art) There's a lot of routine, unimaginative shite. But then there are films like Cadinot's where there's genuine erotic content and you think, yeah, that's what I've always wanted to do with another man. The best porn is that where you feel both horny and inspired by man on man lust or man to man tenderness.

OK, that's all.

Mind Of Mine said...

See, in Winter, I will still wear T-Shirts out, clubs are generally warm and dancing can get hot, so it doesn't make sense to wrap up when going clubbing. The only peril is the walk betweens clubs.

I agree with Naturgestz, it is sometimes the things we don't see but want to which can be the most arousing.