Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Making Plans

I've been over to my Mum and Dads tonight. Holiday talk.
I've avoided writing much about my holiday on this blog after someone suggested that telling the world i'm going away might not be a good idea. But then again i'm really thinking that Daniel might be a great house sitting friend so might not need to bother.

He's now getting quite friendly with a guy who lives in Huddersfield, which is not far away from here. This guy works in Halifax so It makes sense to stay at my place more often. He could of course just stay at this guys house, but i don't think the relationship has reached that point yet.

They met on a night out in Manchester. It's interesting how many men you meet in Mancs who actually live miles away. It's as if they travel to the big city lights for the weekend before getting back to the dreary outskirts for a normal life. (not that Manchester is particularly spectacular or exciting) Daniel says he's nothing like the same person in his own environment. I know what he means. I don't mean he's different when sober. He's just a little less "out" when he's at home, if you get my drift. He's not camp and doesn't do the hairy fairy pink fluffy woofter thing when he on the town. But he's much more masculine and acts slightly different. It's a bit difficult to describe. It's a subtle thing. Maybe i see something that's not there.
Daniel likes it anyway. And if i'm honest so do i. I'm not sure what i'm taking about here so let's move on.

Anyway back to the house sitting thing. I've told him he can spend more time here over the next few weeks if he wants to be closer to visit his mate. But i'm actually just saying that to sort of telling him how to look after my house. That sounds really patronising but Daniel has never had his own place or lived alone. From past experience of him staying with me he assumes that a plate left in the sink automatically washes itself. After all that's what normally happens at home.

And Lights go out when he's not in the room and the central heating costs nothing so can be left on when no one is in, and the worse thing of all... The door locks itself when he goes to bed at night. I remember once going back to his place after a night out. His parents were away for the weekend so we had the place to ourselves. We arrived home at about 4 in the morning on a warm summer night(?). The door was locked, but all the windows had been left open. No need to worry about burglars though because ALL the lights had been left on, along with the TV & a laptop computer.
Remember, he'd left the house like this at least 8 hours previous!.
He's like a small child really.


Paul said...

Perhaps you should suggest Daniel brings his Mum to stay as well. She can look after the house and Daniel at the same time. Otherwise a long list of instructions seems called for.

david said...

if daniel does end up house-sitting for you, dont leave post-it-notes everywhere ala ned flanders from the simpsons... thatd be annoying enough for me to do all those little things daniel does w/o thinking on purpose... as well as do the opposite of what every post-it reminds me to do...

~ cheers...

drew said...

So you are giving a big endorsement of Daniel as a house sitter!! He sounds like a spoiled brat (don't mean he is a bad guy). If he gets away with it at home how do you expect him to do different away?? I would just give him the guilt trip about the way you expect your home to be treated by him a GUEST.. Then if you come back and he has done otherwise, give him a good spanking!! DAD.. ;-)

Cute Dead Boys said...

It sounds like he could use a spanking just for fun.........

Jason Shaw said...

I like house sitting, I often wanted to do it for a living.

But then again, I'm kinda nosy! Being paid to look after someone's house and be nosy - sounded like a dream job!

Perhaps you'll need to write a list of instructions to Daniel.....

Anonymous said...

Voyeuristic Through the Keyhole stuff apart - almost anyone you trust is going to be better than leaving it empty, I guess.

Manchester certainly does attract people from round about - which is one reason why it's often possible to persuade someone to 'come back home' with you: it saves them finding a cheap hotel or sleeping in a doorway.

Mambam said...

If i asked Daniel to bring his mum he would just piss himself laughing and wouldn't stay at all.
I'll save that idea for when i want to get rid of him LOL

Oakly doakly, will do.

A spank or a slap ?. If he makes a mess i'd batter him from the face down ;-)

Cute (not keen on the dead boys bit)
I assume you would like pictures of this taking place ?
We'll see LOL

Are you saying that you would go rooting through my drawers if you had the opportunity ?

I have been offered somewhere to stay the night when out in Manchester myself. Never by anyone i would care to follow mind you. They usually look like murderers or rapists.

By the way. See you and Minnie at Christmas ;-)