Monday, 22 November 2010

No time for Christmas

I'm gonna be out of the country at Christmas this year sitting in the sun somewhere (more on that at a later date).
This means that for the first time in years i'm actually gonna miss Christmas. It also means i can cut out giving presents to lots of people and spending what little bit of dosh i have on myself.
I don't do cards either, it's a struggle to buy Birthday cards for me, so wasting money on bloody Christmas cards is a joke as far as i am concerned.
Then again, if i see a card that makes me laugh i'll buy it and try find someone worth sending it to. I'm not celebrating their birthday, im just taking the piss and having a laugh.
Yesterday i saw some bloody ridiculous Christmas cards, bought them, and then thought afterwards, who the hell can i send these too ? What a waste of money for the sake of a stupid joke that isn't really funny.
One the other hand.........
This one for Daniel
This one for Mum and Dad
This one for my Boss


drew said...

You can just scan and send then you have the cards for use every year. No postage. I have never missed Christmas due to a trip/vacation. I think you said you were going to Florida so you will probably have much better weather, if you want it to be warm for Christmas, which I don't.. We always want it to snow, but then again we don't get much snow here..

naturgesetz said...

"[F]or the first time in years i'm actually gonna miss Christmas."

Erm… as it happens, we have Christmas here in the States too.

Funny cards, though.

Vilges Suola said...

I dream of a really Christmasy Christmas, a pagan Christmasand it's always a fucking let-down. I want to go to Lapland one of these Christmases and get the whole Victorian fantasy for real. I can't imagine Xmas in a hot climate.