Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Thank god, the sun has come out. Ok it's not cracking the flags but it's like a real nice summers day. More shopping this morning this time for drink and cheap cloths at wal mart again. Lol women love that sort of thing don't they?.at home I would have hated it but for some reason it was enjoyable.
An English accent attracts attention but when they ask where abouts in the uk I live it's always followed by "is that near London?"

I was horrified to see the daily mail on sale over here. God I hope they don't think that's a typical example of us Brits. it's worse than the sun newspaper. It's not until you realise other nationalities read our press that you feel really ashamed of it.
As I came away I thought I would try a typical American magazine to see what they are like. I purchased a copy of the national enquirer. I suspect the press is the same all over the world

Then it's on to epcot for the day. Loved it, apart from having to humiliate myself on the odd girly ride for the woman in our party it was brilliant. I don't know if the sun helped but it was the best day so far.

We had an evening meal at planet hollywood which is bit like having a burger in a nightclub. My mother and father hated it, music too loud, too dark, "modern music playing" and packed to the rafters with people.
Then they complained that the meal was too overfacing. They should have shared one but I think they would have still said the same thing i think. I must admit I'm getting sick of huge portions of everything. I don't eat food like that.

When arrived at the entrance someone took our picture then tried to sell it to us for $20 later. The expression on my fathers face was a picture in itself. The answer was no thanks. I must say I'm impressed with the service everywhere. It may be all bullshit but it's nice bullshit. Compared to home its like being treated like a king. I can't get my head around how many people they employ to do almost nothing. There are people who just point to where to park whilst someone else points to where the bus is and another to say happy holidays whilst another tells you when to get on the bus and so on. Even driving down the road you see a large sign the size of a block off flats with the name of the store blasted across it, then a smaller one saying the same thing on the frontage, a littler one nailed to a tree to one side and finally a smaller one by the roadside being held by a guy. As if the 80 foot sign wasn't big enough they need to employ a guy to wave another one lol.

For some reason at night the bus lights are turned off whilst in transit. So when they turn them back on again at the next stop your blinded by the light. It amused me to hear my mum complain every time. I think she was just over tired it, was a long day for her lol.


drew said...

Glad you are having a better time. Yes we do eat the "super sized" meals in the US. I haven't been to Disney World myself but my sister and brother (with family's) have been and really enjoy it. Enjoy yourself and thanks for posting..

naturgesetz said...

Sounds as if you're getting a good look at the attractions (including the waitress with three kids — maybe you should visit her again — after all, with three kids already, she'll probably not be interested in making more LOL). I'm glad the weather began to cooperate. Hope it gets even better. Never been to Blackpool in November, and it's not on my to do list.

Your folks should have had what they couldn't eat wrapped up so they could bring it back to the villa and have it for another meal. I think many restaurants expect that the portions will be too large for many diners, and they also fully expect to be asked to wrap up the leftovers for the patrons to enjoy later. Waiters often ask, "Shall I wrap that for you," when a diner seems unable to finish.

Enjoy the rest of your stay.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, the National Enquirer is not a typical U.S. newspaper. It is more of an embarrassment.

Try USA Today if you want something more typical. Reading the New York Times online is cheaper.

If you want good tea in a restaurant, you will have to tell them how to make it. Otherwise it can be a disaster.

robert said...

Correction to tea: "It WILL be a disaster" Explain it carefully unless you are in a high end espresso joint.

david said...

americans are visual.. and loud... we assume that if a 20' advert sign will attract a few people, an 80' tall sign will invite even more... besides, the bigger n brighter the signage, the less likely you are to miss it as you drive past at 65 mph... thats 105 kph...
adverblasting is big here too.. especially on television.. its our not so subtle but still polite way of saying, hey asshole, wake the fuck up and go get another beer... better still, its 2 am and youre vegged out in front of the telly, how about fourth meal at taco bell?
that bigger n brighter thing applies to food at restaurants as well..
this is the land of plenty... eat! drink! pray! - eat! drink! pr.... you get the idea..
thanks too for the shopping n all... you may have single-handedly saved our lame consumer economy...

~ cheers....