Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Terrible news

I would have had a really long piece to write about my day at the magic kingdom here today but something terrible has happened.

I turned on my phone for a few minutes this afternoon whilst at the park so that I could check my mail and a voice message came through that had been left at 4.30 am this morning.
It was from a relative of Rachels who doesn't know I'm on Holiday.
Apparently she has been found dead in her house. The police had to break in. I don't know any more details yet because I haven't been able to ring home yet. Its too late to ring at the moment. There is no point in saying anything to the others because they don't know her and I don't wanna ruin their holiday.
I know I haven't spoken to Rachel for a while but I feel numb and it feels wrong to be enjoying a vacation at a time like this.

I need to know more details 1st thing tomorrow


naturgesetz said...

That certainly is terrible news. And to be stuck over here, unable to visit with people in person makes it feel even more distressing, I'm sure.

No doubt you will be in telephone contact to express your condolences. It's the best you can do, so it has to be good enough until you get back to England.

If your folks notice that something seems to be wrong and ask what it is, IMO you should tell them. Since they don't know her, it won't affect them as much as it does you, and I don't think you need to fear ruining their holiday. But it will reassure them that there is nothing that they need to take care of then and there.


JC said...

What a horrible way to hear about Rachel. It does make it worse that you are overseas and can't really get home at this point.

I am going to agree with Naturgesetz that if your parents begin to suspect that something is wrong you should tell them. They can be there to provide you support.

I will be keeping you, Rachel, and her family in my thoughts throughout the week.

Take care!

david said...

im sorry for your loss mambam..
my heart goes out to you...
peace be with you..
no ones christmas wreath should have to be black...

~ david

Paul said...

Michael, I'm so sorry to hear your bad news. From what you've said of Rachel, she'd be the last person to want this to overshadow the holiday you've waited so long for. Only you can decide whether/when to tell the others, but you're wise enough to make the right decision.

drew said...

I am very sorry for your loss. In reading your blog I know she was a good friend. You feel kind of helpless when you offer condolences to someone as you wish you could do more. Take care..