Thursday, 23 December 2010

Stayed at the villa today whilst the rest had a day at the water park. I told them I wanted a break and was feeling unwell. In fact I just wanted some time on my own. I rang Rachels friend but got her friend who explained that she didn't turn up for a night out on Saturday. No one had seen her for a couple of days so they called the police who broke down her door and found her dead on the sofa in front of the fire. They think it was her heart, it's a condition she had. I didnt go into the details.

After she appeals all this Rachels friend appeared and told me the same thing. I was ringing from America on a mobile at about a pound a minute so didn't really want to go through it all again but needed them to know I was thinking of them and was sad I wouldn't make the funeral. To be honest I would have been glad not to go, i hate funerals. (who does?) but due to the bad weather at home there was a backlog at the local crematorium so they would hold the ceremony when I'm home 4th January .
After I rang off I thought of Rachel but decided I need to put it to the back of my mind until I get home, there is nothing I can do here and as bad as this sounds I've payed a fortune and waited too long for this holiday to let it be spoilt. It's also Christmas and no one here wants it spoiling by me being mopy.

After that I went for a walk. There is nowhere to walk in this place, there are no sidewalks. It took me 20 minutes just to walk up to the nearest freeway and when I got there I couldn't see anywhere else to go.
I had no transport so considered ringing a taxi but it must be Half hour to the nearest town or city so what will that cost?.

I need to find some way of getting away from my family but we have one huge 10 seater car for getting around in. This means I'm tied down a bit. I need to think of a way to break free for the odd day.

When they all came back we went to a steakhouse for a meal. Meat again!. But I must admit they really know how to do meat.
The weather is good and I now have a tan. Or should I say I'm currently a red/brown colour.

As I type this I'm flicking through hundreds of tv channels showing nothing worth watching. American tv is very family orientated.
In the uk there would be nothing unusual to see nudity, swearing or sex on late night tv.
Over here it's like watching daytime tv at night. Lots of talking heads and old tv.
I'm bored so I think I'll have an early night


drew said...

Rachel is in a better place.. She would want you to continue on with your vacation. Sorry you had to deal with this. Chin up and have a drink, to her!!

naturgesetz said...

It's good that you were able to talk with Rachel's friend and had a chance to talk about it. I hope this makes it somewhat easier to carry on with the vacation/holidays and enjoy a bit of Christmas.

Meat is good. Contrary to the Smiths, whom I just discovered a couple of days ago, meat is not murder.