Saturday, 25 December 2010

Happy Christmas everybody

Slightly less busy day today. The weather was fantastic so we went to epcot again. This time we avoided any rides and just walked around the lake visiting country's of the world.
It was all predictable and amusing. France had the Eiffel tower and the shops sold berets, morocco had a Market selling carpets that sort of thing and the UK had a pub and a fish & chip shop with streets that looked like sherlock Holmes should be walking town them plus actors dressed in stuff from 1842.
Lots of royal stuff with coats of Arms and a shops selling tea and weirdly Manchester united kits. The only thing missing were bowler hats Lol

it's the equivalent of us imagining Americans as cowboys eating a big mac with one hand and shooting each other with the other.
I've got a nice tan now but my father has burnt his neck.

In the uk we are on a recycle/save the planet thing. When I go to the supermarket I take the same bag everytime to save using plastic bags. Here there are thousands given out every hour. Why do I bother ?

Later we went to watch the Harry potter movie at a cinema that had about 40 screens. I thought the film was a bit slow and boring by the way but loved the fact that people reacted to the on screen action. Laughing loudly and at one point someone crying at the death scene near the end. Very strange.

It's Christmas tomorrow and they all want to go to church. I never go myself but am curious how it will be. So it's early to bed tonight then I can be up early in the morning.

This sun is making it feel like the weirdest Christmas ever. In fact I don't feel christmasy at all.

I'm thinking of buying a iPad whilst I'm over here and smuggling it back home so maybe when we hit the post Xmas shopping mall I'll get it then.


david said...

dude... enjoy your american tan... re: plastic bags... thats florida n walmart.. some places have banned plastic shopping bags altogether, some are slowly phasing them out... i use/reuse canvas shopping bags.. at least here in california you can recycle the plastic bags.. theres a bin out front of the supermarket just for that... happy christmas to you too..

~ cheers...

MadeInScotland said...

buy your iPad in town, not at the airport. Often at big international airports they log you and alert customs at the other end.

That said, I'd wait until v2.