Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas day

It's Christmas morning and I'm glad to say we are going nowhere for most of the day. The women are attempting to cook a proper Christmas dinner but first thing they want to do is to go to church. I wouldn't go normally, I never do, but I'm curious as to how it will be. We are supposed to be Catholics so I don't expect gospel singing and arm waving.

As it turned out it was the usual catholic affair. Lots of standing up and sitting town, singing dreary songs and god be with you "and also with you" kinda thing. The church was huge, more like a concert hall than a place of worship. I mimed singing a bit and spent most of the time looking at the ceiling. I would like to believe but I find it so uninspiring. It was full of tourist you could tell and most of them didn't bother dressing up. We looked out of place in our Sunday best.

We then went back to the villa to have a traditional Christmas dinner. I find it all a very sexist affair. The women cook whilst the fellas piss about. Then when it comes to the washing up the guys offer but know they won't have to because the women insist they don't do it right. So we all sit down and have a kip whilst the women wash and have a good natter at the same time.

This is the first time I have ever sunbathed on Christmas day. I was sat by the pool with a bud in my hand, my iPod on my head and the rays burning my face. It's just weird.

Sorry but this is not Christmas in my book.

I rang Daniel at home to see if everything is ok and wish him happy Christmas. He said the house was ok but it was freezing. Last night temperatures dropped to -10. Which is unusual for home.

In some ways I'm glad I'm not there but I miss being at home for Christmas. It's about meeting all your friends not just some of them.
I don't think I'll go away at Christmas again. Any other time but not Christmas.

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david said...

as im sure youve figured out, we dont do anything small in the good olde us of a.... half-ass? oh yeah, thats s.o.p.. but small, no way....
im happy that youre friend danny is well, -10º.. thats friggen cold Cº or Fº...

~ cheers...