Monday, 27 December 2010


Spent the day in a shopping mall today. To be honest it was just like a day at the Trafford centre. It was packed and I had no idea what to buy so didn't buy anything at all. I spent some time thinking about getting an iPad but what would be the point? I have a phone that does everything that it does, just smaller. I managed to have a go on one at the apple store. It was almost impossible to touch one because the table was being hogged by kids playing games on them. When I did manage to shove one of them out of the way I was less impressed than I thought I would be.

When we left the mall we got stuck in a huge traffic jam. It's nice to know it's not just the uk that has these things. It's the first one we came across over here though. The roads are so wide and long it's seems impossible to create a jam unless there is an accident to block the way.

After that we had a meal at an Italian Restaurant, this eating out all the time is getting expensive and we still have more parks to go to so I need to start cutting back or I'm gonna be skint before the weekend. Tomorrow it's up and out again by 8.30 and it's becoming tiring as well. But i would hate to miss anything. I don't see myself returning to this part of the states again. I think I would definitely come back but maybe try somewhere less touristy. I hear San Francisco is good (lol).

The weather wasn't brilliant today. Thank god we were inside. The worst weather day by far I think. And it's gonna be the same for the next couple of days apparently.
No need for a swimsuit this journey me thinks


JC said...

If you want to see traffic jams, I would suggest Washington DC, New York City, Los Angeles, or Atlanta. I love that we have these periods of time in the morning and afternoons called "Rush Hour." It has always been my experience that you don't get that far during rush hour.

Enjoy your time at the parks while you are there. I honestly haven't been down there since high school.

Take care and have fun!

Cute Dead Boys said...

Yes, visit San will love it!

naturgesetz said...

I suppose if it were perfect beach weather it would be a wonderful vacation/holiday. But failing that, it might be more interesting to be in a place which has interesting scenery, museums, historic buildings and locations, etc. As you've discovered, theme parks and shopping malls can get old fairly quickly.

But at least it's a break from the cold weather.

I've never met a city I didn't like. Boston and Cincinnati have lots of history and interesting things to see. Ditto, Chicago. And Philadelphia.

naturgesetz said...

So save your pennies and come back and see us again.

BTW, I should have also recommended Washington, D.C.