Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Universal studios today for a change and what a difference. Less organised than Disney, worse service, crap food, queues everywhere, and doesn't look half as nice either.
Add to that the fact that it was freezing and you end up with the worst day so far. Some of the rides were good but I wasn't impressed.
Whilst we were eating a couple were arguing with the girl at the till. She was complaining that it was taking so long to be served. On the other side of us were a family arguing about a ride they did or didn't wanna go on. And the soundtrack to all this was Christmas music about having a wonderful Christmas and a jolly happy time.

If I'm honest I've had enough of tourist America and I'm just using the rest of this trip as helpful info for a future trip alone or with me and Daniel (assuming we can afford it).

Looking forward to new year though.


Z said...

You should have gone when gay disney was there in June. Otherwise it is unbearable with fat straight people.

Max said...

Cali is far better dude, try santa barbara, if i could live somewhere in the states it would be there!


Kyle said...

It sounds like it wasn't necessarily the place, but the people that made the day go bad. Stan and I avoid the tourist traps here in the states wherever we go, though sometimes that can be very hard given the American propensity to form tourist traps wherever we are. We've had good luck traveling at off peak times or going to places when no one else is there. Don't let the people spoil your trip; they aren't worth it.