Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Baby it's cold outside

Had a break again this morning, all the others went for a game of crazy golf. I wasn't interested so I sat and relaxed, watched a bit of tv and attempted to sunbath a bit until I eventually accepted that is was actually bloody freezing and I looked a pollock sitting on a sun bed with three layers of clothing on.

It's just so weird. It looks nice and warm but feels like it should be snowing. Looking back on all my snaps so far it looks like we are enjoying a heatwave.

They say that everything in America is bigger. This is true but for some reason the alcoholic drinks seem smaller. I had a bud lite in a bar the other night and it was more like a half pint in what looked like a pint glass.
They are really hot on making sure you are old enough to drink over here. I've been asked 5 times now, to the amusement of my father, who always asks if they want his I'd also. Yawn, very funny dad.
They also check the Id closely. No quick flick and then hand back, no, this is a proper look and scrutinise.
I could drive a huge car at 17 and joint the army but can't have a drink.

I've only seen one person smoke and there is very little litter around. I don't know if the weather has killed all the bugs but I'm also aware that there are few flies and insects around. One cockroach and a cricket are the sum of my entire creepy crawly viewings.

The birds are huge though. No little sparrows or robins around here. They look more like buzzards circling in the air looking for dead meat.

An ice cream van crawled past the house this morning. It was doing about 1 Mph and I half expected someone to overtake it on foot. In the UK they whizz in. Park up, sell as much as they can as fast as they can, then whizz back out again when they have finished.

We don't seem to have many neighbours around us at the moment. It got a bit busy Xmas eve but I thing those people must have come for a couple of days and gone back home now.

There are lots of for sale signs and the property seems remarkably cheap. A few doors away one house has a small sign nailed to a board and stuck in the garden. It's some sort of prohibition or repossession notice.
All very sad. Especially when they advertise to the world and all your neighbours that you've been kicked outta your house. Seems a bit harsh to me.

In the evening we decided to visit the magic kingdom again. The women wanted to see it all lit up. It was bloody freezing again. Please god give us some typical Florida weather instead of this crap we get when we normally get at home.

Saying that, I was impressed. Beautiful.


naturgesetz said...

You couldn't have a drink at 17 because you could drive a large car. ;)

Speaking of buzzards and dead meat, don't let the alligators get too close. LOL

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JC said...

In the past few years there has been a huge crackdown on underage drinking. It used to be in recent years that most places would card you if you look under 30. Now there are signs posted that say "WE CARD EVERYONE WHO PURCHASES ALCOHOL." Believe me when I tell you it is when they quit carding you that it really begins to bother you!

As far as smoking most states now it is illegal to smoke inside ANY public building. I remember the days when you went to a restaurant and the host/hostess would ask you "Smoking or non-smoking?" That selection is no longer asked. There is absolutely NO SMOKING in a restaurant.

By the way, that is an awesome picture of Cinderella's castle.