Thursday, 30 December 2010

Nice Americans

The weather forecast for today said cool again so im gonna wrapped up this morning. If it gets warmer i can always strip off a few layers. They actually have an entire tv channel dedicated to weather Which seems strange as it doesn't normally change much down here. Now if they did that in the uk........

Had the radio on in the car as we drove off. If I hear another phil Collins track I'll scream. You would think he must have died the amount of times they play in the air tonight or a genesis song. Rock, rap and country are all they seem to play. Heard a great country song about a father checking out his daughters new boyfriend that had some of the weirdest lyrics ive ever heard. In the song he suggest he treats his daughter right or he will come after him with a shotgun. I though it was hilarious. Eventually I just plugged my I pod in and tuned out from everyone and everything around me during the journey to wherever we are going for the day.

We made the mistake of trying universal studios again today. Mainly because we had pre paid for the tickets, but also because we wanted to see Harry potter. Well they did anyway. I just tagged along.

I have never seen so many people in one place at one time, it was a nightmare. The waiting times for rides reached three hours and eventually they closed the park completely to anyone wanting to enter because they were at full capacity.
There was a queue waiting to get tickets to wait for another queue to get into Harry potter and that queue was miles away from where the queue started. We worked out that you would need to stand in line for nearly 5 hours if you wanted to get inside. Are people mad ??.

As you can imagine we didn't bother. Some of the party went to see a show so we just wandered around looking at the attractions.

When we came back to the villa i could feel my face burning. I have kept out of the sun with my hat on and sunglasses so how the he'll did that happen?. As I type this I am feeling a bit sick but we are supposed to be going for a meal in half an hour. I don't feel like food at all. I'm turning into a tomato.

Whilst we were waiting for a table at the Restaurant we got talking to the fattest man I have ever seen who was also waiting for a table for himself and his fat family. Actually they weren't all fat. They seemed to grow in size depending on age. So the small kids were still thin but by the time they got to teens they started tipping the scales.
They were really nice people and friendly. They came from Texas and were themselves on vacation. Like most Americans we have spoken to they immediately launch into British stereotype mode when they find out our nationality. It's great that they try to relate to us by referring to (in order). The royal family, soccer!! (Manchester united), London, and possibly someone they know who lives in the uk. All that is missing is the beatles and Simon cowell.

I've not met an American I didn't like so far. Which is good, if not lucky.


naturgesetz said...

The Weather Channel is nationwide. Maybe they don't need it very often in South Florida, but it really is convenient to be able to check out the forecast when you want to. They have "Local on the 8's," meaning that at h:08, -:18, -:28, -:38, -:48, and :58, except during their prime time programming, they cut away from national info to a local forecast. So except in the mid-evening, you're never more than ten minutes from the local forecast. At least that's how it is in these parts.

I have no idea how long it would take you to drive to St. Augustine, but it could be a nice change of pace. It's the oldest city in North America, founded by the Spaniards in 15xx. There are parts of the old fortifications and I don't know what all else dating back to the early days. It may be too far for a day trip, and it means a lot of driving on the right (but highways may be easier than cities); but people might enjoy it if it's feasible.

If the hat is the one in your former profile pic, the rays could get you for either side of the visor. Your forehead would be pretty well protected, but not your cheeks. Also, if you were near bodies of water for any length of time, that's a factor. The water reflects enough rays to cause burning.

BosGuy said...

Be careful of the sun. I burn easily too and its no fun.

With regards to the "nice family"... Americans are large (and getting larger), but obesity is more the norm in the southern states so be prepared to see some very large people.

Cheers (from another nice American),