Wednesday, 15 December 2010


On holiday

At home

"The Met Office has said there
is a 60% risk of heavy snow during Thursday for areas including north west England, Northern Ireland, Wales, southwest Scotland, southwest England and the West Midlands."

Gonna need a coat me thinks


drew said...

I live in the mid atlantic area on the coast and it is cold as a witch's tit here!! It seems the east coast down to Florida is getting it. I heard it should be warmer in Florida starting in a few days. I have a staff person flying to Orlando friday for a funeral and she said it was projected at 73 degrees in the daytime. Hope you can get out of the UK!!

naturgesetz said...

Coats are good, especially in winter.

Hope the travel goes well.

Paul said...

Whatever the weather Michael, have a great holiday!

Cosmic Journey said...

Its not even that cold here in Manchester, I am not looking forward to more snow!

Mambam said...

I hope it does warm up, But to be honest anything is gonna be better than over here.


Yes dad, i'll wrapp up warm. LOL.


Thanks and you to

Cosmic Journey

That sounds promising ;-)