Tuesday, 14 December 2010


I’m getting all excited now, can’t wait to finish work. I'm packing but i’ve got a huge suitcase with nothing in it. It’s not like I need loads of cloths is it? All I have to remember to take is some cash, my passport and me.
Daniel comes over to stay on Thursday. I hand him the keys and it's all up to him from there on out. He's in charge and i expect the place to look clean and tidy when i get back.

I'm a bit worried about he weather though. It's warmed up a bit lately and we've had the big thaw of snow. But we are set for another covering of the stuff later this week and its possible it could hinder travel plans!. Or am i just being a pessimist?.
One of the women in the office has a cold. And when I say a cold I mean A COLD. Coughing, spluttering, all bunged up and sounding like that guy who does the movie trailer voice overs.
I’m really pissed off because she sits one desk away from me, and apart from not wanting to hear her chesty phlegm riddled coughing all day. I also don’t wanna catch it myself. What the fuck is she doing at work in that state? It’s not as if it makes any difference, she won’t get a medal for it. She keeps opening the bloody window because she’s “burning up” and feels hot. Then I close it because it’s friggin’ freezing. But the boss won’t say anything to her. Perhaps he thinks she does deserve a medal for coming in, silly twat. If I catch a cold from her before Friday I’ll fucking lynch her when I get back, I’ve already told her she should go home in case she spreads it around the office, but she doesn’t want to because she “gets bored” at home.
Inconsiderate bitch! I hope it turns into fucking pneumonia. (She’s not my most favourite person to work with under normal circumstances as you can tell).


naturgesetz said...

Well if you go with an empty suitcase, you can come back with all sorts of goodies. Unfortunately, you can't get booze in the duty-free shop, because you won't be allowed to carry it on, and your checked luggage will already be checked. But you can just buy the stuff before you get to the airport and then check it through. ;)

There seems to be some thought that when people get to the stage your cow-worker is at, they're no longer very contagious. But it probably wouldn't hurt to take some echinacea for a few days.

word verification: stating — interesting that they're starting to give real words. I wonder how long before we get naughty ones.

drew said...

It will all work out. Don't fret the things you can't control. It doesn't change anything. I know, easy said.. Good luck on your trip and have a great time!!

robert said...

well this sounds strange and neurotic, but alot of people do at my age...anyway, i use saline nasal mist once or twice a day and have not caught a cold in years. its cheap and it works.