Sunday, 12 December 2010

Ready for a break

Had a great night friday and yesterday getting to know Daniels new boyfriend. I think he's a boyfriend, i'm not sure, nether of them have used that word yet. It's still at the 'Mates' stage but we all know it's not really just mates. Daniel and I are mates, but be don't shag each other.

The guy seemed quite funny and a bit grown up for Daniel, but maybe that's what he needs.

Anyways i think i feel safe if he decides to stop over at my place whilst i'm away. We have all agreed that there will be no staying at my house or using it as a shag pad. But we also know that we are all lying to each other and i suspect that should they have a night out local it'll be back to mine and a sleepover. ;-)

This week there will be very few blog posts as i prepare for my Vacation. I've downloaded a app to my phone that will allow me to keep a diary offline. This is supposed to be an online diary and i wouldn't want to miss out on writing stuff whilst i'm away. Especially as i will have something i want to remember in future. I might not be able to post it whilst i'm away but i could always post it when i'm back.


naturgesetz said...

Deffo keep your diary. I want to hear about your adventures (within limits LOL) and your impressions of my country. And if there's anything you don't like, I'll assure you that it's not like that in New England. LOL

drew said...

I always look forward to your posts! Hopefully you can figure out how to post while in in the US. Glad you liked Daniel beau. Hopefully it will work out for him.

Cute Dead Boys said...

Looking forward to hearing of your adventures (no limits) while you are here in the States.........hopefully you will continue to keep us up to date with great details.

Mambam said...

Fingers crossed i'll have some connection, if not i'll save it till i get back.