Monday, 17 January 2011


What could you do if you had 5 minutes with him ?
It's been pissing it down for the past few days now and my garage roof is leaking like a teabag.
The garage floor is piss wet through but i've no idea where it's coming from.
Someone told me its an asbestos roof. Isn't asbestos dangerous ?. It's crap at keeping water out anyway i know that much.

On the upside it has also been a bit milder outside. Which means that for the first time in nearly three months i've managed to turn the heating off for a bit.
I'm turning into my dad. It's funny how sensible you get when you start getting bills through the door with too any numbers before the .pence.

Had a really boring day at home yesterday doing nothing. Nothing on the telly and nothing i fancied doing. Lots i could have done of course but being bored makes you want to just do less.
Three wanks later i went to bed feeling fed up.

Made an appointment with the dentist today. He couldn't fit me in for two weeks!!.
Bloody hell, it's riridiculous. Doctors can't fit you in for the same length of time and if you want to have an operation at a hospital it's even longer. That's the wonderful NHS for ya.


Cute Dead Boys said...

Only five minutes, please it would take ten minutes to tie and bound him up properly...........

drew said...

I have found most leaks around areas where the roof is attached to something or when a pipe is going through it. These areas require roof cement to be reapplied like caulking. Sometimes if it has been very windy it will blow the water under the shingles but not that often. Home ownership don't you love it!! I will also bet you are becoming a lot more like you Dad in a lot of ways!!

david said...
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david said...

watch out for mold in your soggy car hole... my neighbors garage leaks like a sieve and when he cleaned it out a few yrs. back, all the mold spores that lived therein floated up the back slope and into my apartment... needless, i got a systemic fungal infection, that eventually landed in my brain... i almost died... do not let that happen to you...

robert said...

@david: That is very intense!

Tom said...

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