Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Stop Thief !

Anyone remember summer ?

My mother told me that dad had a “funny do” at the supermarket over the weekend.

He was standing with my mother buying some meat that was wrapped up in the freezer section.

Someone bumped into him from behind and carried on walking and shopping. Dad looked around but ignored him and carried on as normal because it’s not really unusual for that to happen in a busy shop.

But half way down the isle he suddenly realised there was something heavy in one of his pockets.
He had his big coat on because of the weather and it has massive deep pockets down the sides.

When he reached inside to feel he pulled out some pre packed meat. He couldn’t be sure but the fella who just bumped into him must have put it there.
Dad just put it back and carried on with his shopping but when they had finished paying and were about to leave he noticed the guy was waiting for him at the exit.

We have all deduced that this guy was trying to get dad to set off the alarm as he left and whilst he would be dealing with security the fella could slip by with some stolen goods.
Did mum and dad mention any of this to security? NO! Did he go over to the bloke and Punch him NO!

The Bastard. I’m glad I wasn’t there because I would have done.

I went on gaydar the other night for the first time in god knows how long. I had a few messages that i had ignored and needed to read.
Some of the offers were from really nice looking guys but what's the point ?. Meeting in person is better than online. It's usually crap and both parties are usually disappointed in some way or other.
On the other hand, at lest two of them were definitely worth checking out when i get chance ;-)


naturgesetz said...

Well, at least your Dad frustrated the person in his own way. Of course, notifying security would have been better, even though the evidence was only circumstantial. But punching him would have been far worse.

Vilges Suola said...

What a total jerk. Amazing what entertains some people.

I love the bulge on the lad in the picture.

drew said...

I thought you were going to say after the bump the guy picked his pocket. I don't think in our stores there is any type of alarm on each piece of food. I was thinking he was going to approach your Dad after he left the store and get the piece of beef out of his pocket and run.. Either way he wouldn't mind putting your Dad at risk for his skinny ass..