Wednesday, 19 January 2011


One of our customers is guy called Gerald. When I first met him he was a little apologetic about his name for some reason saying that it was his fathers sick sense of humour. I couldn’t really understand why because there is nothing wrong with the name Gerald is there?.
Today I discovered his second name is Dean

Kath in the office has got a new dog. It’s a cross between a Poodle and Jack Russell and she described it as a Jack-a-doodle. LOL
Better still there’s one that is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Jack Russell called a Jack-a-wawa.
God help the animal kingdom with us humans in charge. It sound horrendous.

I'm getting a bit sick of diet programs and diet advice on the telly or in the papers. it's the same every fucking year.
Eat less and exercises is the only one that really works but on top of that there is always a new craze of eating things whilst upside down or drinking horse piss after every meal to lose pounds in a matter of days without giving up chocolate or something ridiculous like that.

On the other hand sex education is a one off thing. How to shag and not have babies and catch anything tends to be something your supposed to know about already.
Saying that, as i type this i'm reminded that channel 4 is this week showing a program called "the Joy of Teenage Sex".
End blog, gotta go, something on the Telly.


Anonymous said...


Shut up.

No !!

His father couldn't do that do him.

That's as bad as being called Sue.

You going to perv the C4 prog for teens in their undies too ?

Did you see Shameless last night ?

Anonymous said...

And not just in their undies and what perverted about looking at naked guys over the age of consent?

Ug! I don't do irony!

Someone was talking about his labradoodle the other day and I nearly threw up.