Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Looking for something Hot

I'm back from holiday a couple of weeks and already i'm planning another one.
Daniel wants to go away. He can't afford but is jealous of my America trip so we've agreed to go somewhere together on the cheap.

Its got to be abroad and it's got to be sunny for him (and me if i'm honest). So, as it's on the cheap ,America is out for him.
We haven't got any cash together yet obviously but looking on the Thomas Cook website we could go to Turkey for Less that £300  each if we went next week. Neither of us picked Turkey specifically, it just appeared on the front page. There were lots of cheap offers for Turkey for some reason (well it is just after Christmas i suppose...Boom Boom) but i've heard that they are having lots of trouble at the moment. So we are now looking at anywhere hot enough, cheap enough, that will go direct from Manchester later in the year.
Watch this space.

Went to the gym tonight. It's packed again. Always is after Christmas, people wanting to get fit again for the new year. A smelly woman sat next to me on the rowing machine and spilt her water on the floor. When she got up she slipped on it and almost impaled herself on one of the handles.

In the shower afterwards i felt myself getting semi erect for some reason. It was a single shower so no one could see and i couldn't see anyone else. It just happens sometimes.
I couldn't leave until things went down a bit. Why doesn't this happen when you want to impress ?.

When i was tidying up last night before i went to bed i found one of Daniels socks under the bed. EEEeiiiiirrrgggghhhh!!!.
Wait till i see him next........


Vilges Suola said...

Try Greece. It's stinking hot in summer and the place is on its uppers, so they will be gagging for tourist revenue. Am going week after next - work, not holiday, and the place is so familiar to me it doesn't seem like a foreign country, but I always enjoy getting back there.

Mambam said...

Might look into that Vilges, thanks

Anonymous said...

Turkey is a muzzie country. so probably less than gay friendly.

I agree with Vilges, my bf and I went to Greece over 10 years ago there was a slight raised eyebrow at checking in because we said the double bed was fine, otherwise no problems.
We weren't shagging by the pool or anything.

The Canary Islands are closer, weather's good, price to suit every wallet and almost everywhere gay friendly.

I'm glad you took my advice to be sensible on Saturday.

Jason Shaw said...

I'll come too, I need a holiday!

Nice and cheap. There should be some deals to Gran Canaria soon...... thats warm and rather gay!

Hugs a plenty

Vilges Suola said...

P.S. Greece is not a particularly gay-friendly country. Outside Athens, Thessaloniki and the absurdly posey and over-priced Mykonos, there's very little except a few secretive bars and potentially risky cruising grounds.

drew said...

I guess you and Daniel could travel as brothers to address the gay issue. Yes, two brothers from different mothers!!! ;-)