Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Phfwoor !


naturgesetz said...

Halifax Town!

The Shaymen. Do they drive shays? Or is it just a name this performing group have decided to use? The word is not commonly used on this side of the pond — as in, I've never come across it beofre.

But I bet this makes you glad you moved to Halifax, and even gives a reason to spend time there and watch them do whatever they do.

Too bad about the tattoos.

Mambam said...

No idea why they call them that.
could have been shaved men by the look of it ;-)
Whats a shay ?

naturgesetz said...

A shay is a kind of carriage. The dictionary says it's a light carriage and that the word is back-formed from the French chaise, which was presumed to be plural. One of our Yankee poets wrote of "The Wonderful One-Hoss Shay."

Just a sec. I'll google it.

Here it is.
Interesting attempts to mimic New England pronunciations of the time with the way he spells some words.

Anonymous said...

The Shay is the sports stadium where FC Halifax Town plays...hence The Shaymen.

From Wikipedia: The name 'Shay' is derived from the old English word 'shaw', which means a small wood, thicket or grove. The two words are used interchangeably in ancient references to the property upon which the Shay Stadium was eventually constructed.