Monday, 10 January 2011

Do you wanna be in my Gang ?

7th january 2011 (18.47)


"You have a good weekend too, you deserve it.
Don't get too trashed, maintain your dignity."....FAIL!!.

Saturday night was interesting. I met a guy in a bar and like a complete idiot i accepted an offer to go back to his place within 20 minutes (very sexy man). He actually lived not that far away from my parents which is a bit of a distance from the city centre but no need to worry because he was getting a lift from the designated driver, his other friend standing at the bar next to him. When you're drunk all thought of safety goes out of the window. He seemed ok to me, nothing like i imagine a mass murderer to look or talk so what the hell.

When we got in the car, so did  another guy as well. God knows where he came from.Now i'm pissed as a fart, sat in a car with three strange men and going back to their house in Oldham at three in the morning.
As i say, they seemed ok. There was no suggestion that they might rob me, or gang rape me, or strip me and dump me by the side of the road for a laugh.

We got back to a small house 15 minute walk away from home. A terraced building on a dodgy street. I expected the others to drop us off and then carry on to their own destination, but no, they came inside as well !.
One put a pizza in the oven, another put the kettle on and mine fucked off upstairs. I didn't know whether to join him, do a runner or ask for milk, two sugars.

When he came back downstairs the two others disappeared upstairs with the whole pizza (greedy bastards) and i never saw them again. (i heard them thought ;-))

We then spent a pleasant hour or so together in front of the fire before i fucked off and walked home, staggering through Oldham at 5 in the morning and it was fucking freezing.
Its only in the cold light of day when i'm telling this story to Daniel that i'm reminded how stupid it was.
Imagine that. i could have been forced into three way sex by these strange men, using me like a sex slave before discarding me when they had had their wicked way with me.
I know i shouldn't be making lite of the matter but you can't help but feel a bit horny at the thought can you ?

I wonder how many of you reading this post will be having a wank to the idea later on tonight ? LOL


naturgesetz said...

To answer the questions: no, it doesn't make me feel at all horny; and no, I won't wank to the idea later on. But I am a bit entertained by the story.

Time to relearn November and December's lesson that you're better off having one or two or three drinks than getting drunk. Most of the time, perhaps, nothing bad happens, but there's always that bit of risk.

Cute Dead Boys said...

Remember what happened to Matthew Shepard here in the States. The best quote: Oh God, I know it will not happen to me.

You be careful...........I have to much fun reading your stories. Who will I turn to for amusing daily antidotes.

david said...

dude... heres a thought... no judgments.. if you know youre going out alone or even with with friends to possibly maybe get drunk.. arrange with someone you trust, daniel perhaps? to have him text/ring you on your mobile at a specific time if he has not heard from you before then.. that way, if you are shit-face-drunk he can get you a cab or pick you up n take you home... by having set this up in advance you dont have to fumble fingers dial or text when your plowed... im glad you are okay and that nothing bad happened to you...
hugs, gatorade, n tylenol to you......

~ cheers...

drew said...

In my experience young people thing they are invincible and that can be a problem. I think this episode will open you eyes to this. This is a learning experience for you. Your a smart guy.

Anonymous said...

There's a news story currently in France of two young guys, one 19, the other 24, who left a club in Nantes at 4.00 am, the first one on a Thursday, the second the day after. In both cases their friends said they were a little bit drunk, and it seems they did not know each other. They have not been seen since (this happened early December). Be warned, take care. Peter-D.

Mambam said...

Thanks for your concern gents.
message understood.

(ps. just me having a wank then ?_)

Anonymous said...

Looks like it, you young scamp.

Jason Shaw said...

I did.