Saturday, 8 January 2011

Molested by the opposite sex

At weekends there are certain places around Manchester that have loads of middle age women out on the pull. They are either divorced or on a night out with the girls away from their husbands and what starts as a flirt usually ends in getting banged for a lot of these milfs (LOL).
But they all go for younger men (although they usually end up with blokes their own age). I know this because from time to time Daniel and i have had the come on from this crowd. It's starts as a joke, but you can tell they want more than just a laugh.
Saying you are gay stops nothing. In fact it attracts them even more.

This weekend i was sexually molested by a woman who is old enough to be my Mum. She must have been 50!. And after much flirting eventually went for the full grope of my cock in the middle of the pub in full view of everyone.
I say grope it was more of a rubb up and down. She got the down stroke but i managed to pull away for the upstroke.
Trying to make a joke of it and point out that i was gay i suggested that i would probably be more interested in shagging her husband than her.
But she then suggested i come back and have a threesome.

Now i know this all sounds like something from a film. And i am fully aware that if i had said 'Ok then, your on' she would have probably backed down.
But it does show to the extent that these women go mad when they are unleashed from their married shackles.

But there is nothing so sad as seeing a women in her 50s trying to act like a sexy teenager. She and her mates were trying to dance like strippers and it looked awful.

At the end of the night she left with a guy who looked like he tattooed people for a living.
And thinking about it, i probably would have been interested in a threesome with them because she was so pissed that by the time we got back to her place she would probably have collapsed into unconsciousness leaving me and him to have some proper fuck fun.

Daniel told me more about his fall out with the Boyfriend.

Before they were together the guy used to meet guys off the net, go to saunas and generally have cock around for one off sex sessions. Since he and Daniel got together all that stopped but now he wants to maybe still have the odd fling (with his consent).

In all honesty i think he's more pissed off that the guy should be interested in the first place. (doesn't seem to be questioning his sexual health i notice).
He has even suggested that Daniel does the same or even join in with him. LOL. After all that he and i have done in the past it's amusing that he's so outraged by the suggestion.
If i know Daniel, the guy just needs to show him a picture of someone he fancies and there is a chance he might give it a go.
Dirty Boy !


drew said...

glad you had a good time out. You should explore the 3 some area, as long as you get to see the man first. It will open up a whole new community for you...

naturgesetz said...

Well, the fact is, you're very attractive. We don't think about it much, but it's perfectly normal for women to find young men attractive.

Physical beauty does tend to fade with age, but I can tell you that at age 67, I still feel as if adults of all ages are on a par with me. So there's no reason we can't interact in any way I would with people my own age. IOW, age makes much more difference to younger people than it does to older folks. I'm happy to be friends with people in their 20's, but to most of them, I'm unapproachable on a basis of equality.

Interesting about Daniel. I guess when you find someone you are as attracted to as he is to his boyfriend, it can hurt to think of him with someone else.

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Vilges Suola said...

Years ago in Cambridge a woman in a gay bar said 'Oooh,I'll just fondle his bum as he goes past' I don't blame her - I had a fucking gorgeous bum at the time. DESIRE - it never goes away. Enjoy being the object while you can.

Vilges Suola said...

P.S. If you think you are horny at 24, wait until you are 50. You ain't seen nothin yet.

drew said...

I hope you know i was kidding about moving into the threesome market.. ;-)

Mambam said...

See todays post LOL

Because i don't see faces of people who comment i have no concept of ages. I wouldn't actually believe you to be 67 if you hadn't just said so.


I hope you are right. I couldn't live without sex. Imagine something happening to you and never being able to experience and orgasm ever again.
You may as well be dead.


Again Please see Todays post ;-)

naturgesetz said...

I hope knowing my age won't destroy our friendship.